Diablo 4 Crumbling Hekma Dungeon Guide

Crumbling Hekma is one of the better dungeons to farm gear and loot in Diablo 4. The only problem is that it is located inside a stronghold.

Crumbling Hekma is located inside the Omath’s Redoubt stronghold, making it a rather lengthy dungeon to clear in Diablo 4.

That is also why it is an excellent dungeon to farm gear in the Kehjistan region.

Do note that you must be at least level 50 to survive Crumbling Hekma and its undead monsters.

Crumbling Hekma location in Diablo 4

Crumbling Hekma location in Diablo 4

Crumbling Hekma is located within Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold in the Kehjistan Region. This stronghold is located on the border of the Southern Expanse and Fields of Hatred subsections.

You can either travel east from the Southern Expanse or travel west from the field of hatred to reach this dungeon.

Crumbling Hekma completion rewards

Completing this dungeon grants the following reward: +30 Renowns


Aspect of Splintering Energy: This Aspect buffs one of the core skills for the sorcerer class known as Lightning Spear.

With this Legendary Aspect equipped, you have a chance of spawning an extra lighting spear each time you cast this skill.

Crumbling Hekma dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Slay all the enemies in the Desolate Sacellum

Your first objective is to defeat all the skeletons in the Desolate Sacellum area. These skeletons will spawn in both ranged and melee variations. Go for the ranged types first as they can be a nuisance if left alive for too long.

You can also use an Elixir to boost your damage against undead enemies if you are having trouble getting through this area.

Travel to the Catacomb of Redemption

After slaying all the enemies, move to the next area known as Catacomb of Redemption.

Slay 3 Redeemers

Your map will be marked with three red skulls. They signify the location of enemy Redeemers. Expect them to be guarded by enemy Wraiths and Banshees (Ghost Type enemies). Killing all three Redeemers will open the door to the next section.

Travel to the Root of Affliction

The next section is known as Roots of Affliction. Make sure to heal the Hp you have lost as the final boss battle for this dungeon will begin when you enter this region.

Defeat the Tomb lord

The Tomb Lord is a boss that has complete mastery over the art of necromancy. He can summon large hordes of skeletons to overwhelm the players.

He also has the ability to summon bone walls that severely hinders your ability to dodge his attacks. Making efficient use of your evade charges will prevent you from getting boxed in.

Keep a close eye on your HP, being chased down by skeletons while having your back against a bone wall is the last thing you want in this boss fight.

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