Diablo 4 Akkhan’s Grasp Dungeon Guide

Out of the numerous dungeons in Diablo 4, Akkhan's Grasp is a bit long and complex. The boss fight at the end also adds to the difficulty ...

Out of the numerous dungeons in Diablo 4, Akkhan’s Grasp is a bit long and complex. The boss fight at the end also adds to the difficulty level of this dungeon. You will face enemies like Vampires and ghouls in this maze-like dungeon.

This guide will assist you in finding the exact starting location for Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon in D4, along with the objectives and the walkthrough.

Akkhan’s Grasp location in Diablo 4

You can find Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon in Hawezar region of Diablo 4, within the Ruins of Rakhat Keep. The location is close to the entrance of Iron Hold dungeon in D4.

The Ruins of Rakhat Keep waypoint you unlock during the main story will provide the easiest way to reach this dungeon.

Diablo 4 Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon walkthrough

Akkhans’s Grasp in D4 is a bit longer than the other similar dungeons but its objectives are simple. Ghouls and Vampires are the enemies that the players have to encounter and fight near this tomb. This dungeon has five main objectives. The last objective includes a boss fight as well.

  • Return the Bloodstone to the Pedestal
  • Travel to the Restless Graves
  • Slay the Vampire Lords
  • Travel to the Umbral Vault
  • Defeat the Blood Bishop

The Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon starts in the Desecrated Crypt area. The players must defeat the spawning enemies while searching for the Bloodstones. To complete the objective, you must find two Bloodstones and place them on the Pedestal individually.


Game Mechanic does not allow the protagonist to carry more than one stone at a time. So the players have to find and return them one by one. Make sure to have enough health, spells, and supplies, as there will be a lot of enemies while going through the first objective.

Once done with the first one, players must move to the Restless Graves area, which can be found by exploring the map. First, the players will face big oppressors, followed by the two giant Vampire Lords. Killing both of them will update the objective in Diablo 4.

Blood Bishop boss fight

This final objective requires the players to move to the Umbral Vault area from the Restless Graves, where the boss of the Akkhan’s Grasp, Blood Bishop, is waiting for a boss fight in D4. Defeat the Blood Bishop to complete this dungeon.

You will get the Legendary Blighted Aspect for completing Akkhan’s Grasp dungeon for the first time in D4.

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