Diablo 4 Resurrected Malice Boss Guide

The Resurrected Malice is a spectral boss that appears in multiple locations in Diablo 4. He uses spirit attacks and summons against you.

The Resurrected Malice is a boss in Diablo 4 that shows up in multiple locations. It is known to show up in The Black Asylum but also appears in the Forbidden City as well. The appearance of Resurrected Malice boss is similar to a ghost in green. She possesses the power to control the souls of the dead.

In order to defeat Resurrected Malice, you need to have the right strategy. To that end, we’ll be teaching you how you can defeat this boss.

Where to find Resurrected Malice in Diablo 4

Resurrected Malice dungeon location 2 in Diablo 4

Resurrected Malice can be found in several of the dungeons in Diablo 4 including Guulrahn Slums, Stockades, Buried Halls, Forbidden City, Calibel’s Mine, and Penitent Cairns.

Stockades is situated in the subregion which is also known as Emerald Chase. Forbidden City is located at Fractured Peaks. Calibel’s Mine is placed at Scosglen.

Penitent Cairns can be found in the subregion of Scosglen. Stockades is situated in the subregion which is also known as Emerald Chase. The location of Buried Halls and Guulrahn Slums are located at Dry Steppes.

These are all the possible locations where you can find the Resurrected Malice boss. However, it is known to spawn at the Forbidden City and the Black Asylum the most. The locations of which we have marked on the maps above.


How to defeat Resurrected Malice in Diablo 4 

The Resurrected Malice is quite powerful and strong to take down. However, the key to defeating him is to avoid his attacks and get yours in whenever possible.

He has a few attacks up his sleeve that he will use against you. Needless to say, avoid them by dodging or getting out of the way. 

Spirit Ball 

The Resurrected Malice makes a spirit ball while fighting and charge the ball at you. As you continue to fight, often the ball will be divided into 3 more balls. Try to dodge the balls to escape them. 

Spirit Call-push 

The Resurrected Malice summons three spirits to help him out in the fight. But he also follows it up with a force push that can stagger you.

When you see the spirits appear, make sure to get away so as to not get blasted away. Then, dispatch the spirits quickly before focusing on the boss.

Spirit Ball-star 

Similar to the spirit ball, the Resurrected Malice will shoot out spirit balls again. But this time, it will release 5 balls in a star formation. The area to dodge them will decrease but if you stick the timing right, you can avoid them.

Try to get as many attacks in between his but don’t get greedy. Move away when you see an attack coming, thin the herd by taking out the summons, and use your highest damaging attacks on him to finish the fight quickly.

The boss will drop health potions every time you take out a quarter of his health. So if you take damage, there will be a way to heal yourself.

Resurrected Malice rewards and loot 

After defeating The Resurrected Malice, you will be awarded some gold and up to 3 magic-tier gear items or up to 2 rare-tier items. 

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