Diablo 4 Fading Echo Dungeon Guide

Fading Echo is one of the longest and most monster-dense dungeons you can run in Diablo 4. It unlocks in Act 4.

Fading Echo is one of the longest and most monster-dense dungeons you can run in Diablo 4.

Its dungeon entrance lies in the Kehjistan region and is home to large groups of demons and fallen enemies.

Fading Echo is tied to the main campaign of D4, so you can choose to complete it during Act 4.

Fading Echo location in Diablo 4

To reach Fading Echo, you can simply head over to the Scouring Sands area in the Kehjistan region. The best and easiest way to reach the dungeon is by teleporting to the Tarsarak waypoint.

Fading Echo dungeon location in Diablo 4

This waypoint is situated southwest of the Sourcing Sands area and you can use it to travel to the far northeastern part of the Scouring Sands to reach the Fading Echo dungeon in Diablo 4.

Fading Echo completion rewards

Completing the Fading Echo dungeon rewards you with the Skinwalker’s Aspect. It is a Legendary Aspect in Diablo 4 which is sued by the Druid class.

Using this defensive Aspect, you are able to regenerate your health to the fullest which allows you to last longer in battles against elite enemies and high-level bosses.

In case, you already have your health to the max, the Skinwalker’s Aspect converts all your bonuses into Fortify which provides you with an increased damage reduction.

If your build depends upon shapeshifting, then the defensive enchantment can be quite useful during combat.

Fading Echo dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

Each dungeon is associated with its own set of objectives to complete. Completing these objectives leads you to the last stages of the dungeon.

This ends your journey into these ancient ruins where you get rewarded with a unique Aspect. Below we have given the objectives required to complete the Fading Echo dungeon in Diablo 4.

Slay the Lieutenants of Svanjasga

After gaining access to the Fading Echo Dungeon, you will be tasked to slay two Lieutenants of Svanjasga. These two are deadly demons who are found at the Ancient Wake.

Killing them can be a bit challenging considering how they interfere with your attacks when you focus on any one of them. However, with the right strategy, you can slay them and move on to the next objective.

Collect Animus from the Animus Carriers

After defeating the two Lieutenants of Svanjasga, you must head over to the Coarse Clearance. Simply travel through the path ahead that leads you to the area.

Once you have reached Coarse Clearance, your objective is to search for the Animus Carriers who are found all around the area. Kill them one at a time as they drop Animus for you to collect.

After acquiring enough Animus, make your way to the Animun Urn as shown on the map, and use it to remove the barriers located close by. After removing the barriers, you can travel to Svanjasga’s Fortalice.

This is where you must make your way through the wave of enemies in the area before meeting Captain Svanjasga.

Defeat Captain Svanjasga

Defeating Captain Svanjasga is an easy task. Throughout the fight, he will be accompanied by his fellow monsters, making the fight a bit challenging for you at the start.

However, despite that, you can make full use of your melee weapons to take care of the monsters and lastly focus on Captain Svanjasga himself.

Although he is not considered a boss and rather an elite enemy, he still packs a punch with his arsenal of attacks. After defeating him, you will complete the Fading Echo dungeon in Diablo 4 and will be rewarded with the Skinwalker’s Aspect.

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