All Diablo 4 Legendary Aspect Locations

All of your endgame builds in Diablo 4 are going to require you to reach the best legendary aspect locations to boost your gear power levels.

Diablo 4 features powerful modifiers called legendary aspects that can be used on your weapons and gear to greatly increase their damage and stats while adding unique effects to strengthen your character builds.

Hence, aspects are a major part of the endgame content where you have to keep grinding to make your characters more powerful.

Each build in Diablo 4 can make use of several aspects depending on your requirements and playstyle. They also come in various categories such as offensive, defensive, resource, utility, and mobility.

The following guide is going to help you find all of the legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4.

How to get and equip legendary aspects in Diablo 4

There are dozens of different legendary aspects to get for each class, almost all of which can be obtained by completing all dungeon locations in Diablo 4.

You only need to clear a dungeon once to unlock its respective aspect in your Codex of Power. You can then visit an Occultist in any of the major towns to imprint that particular aspect onto your gear for a fee.


However, not all legendary aspects can be obtained by completing dungeons. There are several non-Codex or extracted aspects in Diablo 4, meaning that they are not found in your Codex of Power.

The only way of getting an extracted aspect is to find a legendary item that already has that aspect imprinted on it. Hence, you need to farm a lot of nightmare dungeons to increase your odds of enemies dropping the best possible non-Codex aspects.

Take the legendary item to an Occultist and extract its aspect into your inventory. Then follow the same process of imprinting it onto your gear.

Something important to know is that extracted aspects have better rolls. Hence, you can choose to even extract your Codex of Power aspects for higher stats.

List of all legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

There are a total of 115 legendary aspects to get in Diablo 4. These, however, are only the ones that can be added to your Codex of Power. There are a lot more non-Codex aspects that can only be found randomly as explained above.

Below are the legendary aspects accessible to each class in Diablo 4, including the extracted aspects.

All classes’ legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

AspectTypeUnique EffectHow To Get
1Accelerating AspectOffensiveIncrease your attack speed after a core skill lands a critical strike.Random Drop.
2Aspect of DisobedienceDefensiveProvides increased armor after you deal any form of damage.Complete Halls of the Damned in Kehjistan.
3Aspect of Inner CalmOffensiveGain increased damage for every second you stand still.Complete Raethwind Wilds in Scoslgen.
4Aspect of Might DefensiveGain 20% additional damage reduction from basic skills .Complete Dark Ravine in Dry Steppes.
5Aspect of RetributionOffensiveDistant enemies have higher chances of getting stunned if they hit you, and you deal additional damage to stunned enemies.Complete Abandoned Mineworks in Kehjistan.
6Aspect of Shared MiseryUtilityHaving an activated barrier ignores enemies’ direct attack damage.Complete Oblivion in Hawezar.
7Aspect of the Crowded SageDefensiveGain passive healing per nearby enemy.Random Drop.
8Aspect of the Deflecting BarrierDefensiveHaving an activated barrier ignores enemies direct attack damage.Complete Lost Keep in Hawezar.
9Aspect of the ExpectantOffensiveYour core skill damage increases after attacking an enemy with a basic skill.Complete Underroot in Scosglen.
10Aspect of the ProtectorDefensiveReceive a barrier by attacking an Elite enemy.Complete Lost Archives in Fractured Peaks.
11Aspect of the Umbral ResourceYou restore your primary resources while crowd-controlling the enemies.Complete Champion’s Demise in Dry Steppes.
12Conceited AspectOffensiveGain additional damage with an active Barrier.Random Drop.
13Edgemaster’s AspectOffensiveWhen cast, skills receive additional damage depending upon the available Primary resource.Complete Oldstones in Scosglen.
14Eluding AspectUtilityReceive additional movement speed while unstoppable. Complete Caldera Gate in Fractured Peaks. 
15Exploiter’s AspectUtilityGain a 20% additional Crowd Control duration, and you deal extra damage to unstoppable enemies.Random Drop.
16Ghostwalker AspectMobilityReceive additional movement speed while Unstoppable. Complete Broken Bulwark In Scosglen.
17Needleflare AspectOffensiveDeal damage to nearby enemies when Thorns damage is dealt.Complete Yshari SanctumIn Kehjistan.
18Protecting AspectDefensiveSummons a magic bubble that provides immunity when you have low HP.Random Drop.
19Rapid Aspect OffensiveIncrease attack speed of basic skills.Complete Buried Halls in Dry Steppes.
20Smiting AspectOffensiveGain additional critical strike chance against injured enemies.Random Drop.
21Wind Striker AspectMobilityIncreased critical strikes boost your movement speed.Complete Shivta Ruins in Kehjistan.

All Barbarian legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

AspectTypeUnique EffectHow To Get
1Aspect of Ancestral EchoesOffensiveSummons an Ancient to deal additional damage to enemies using Leap, Whirlwind or Upheavel while having active Call of the Ancients.Complete Ancient Reservoir In Hawezar.
2Aspect of Ancestral ForceOffensiveComplete Charnel House in Dry Steppes.Complete Sunken Ruinsin Scosglen.
3Aspect of AnemiaUtilityStun bleeding enemies using direct damage. Complete Kor Dragan Barracks in Fractured Peaks. 
4Aspect of Berserk FuryResourceGain additional Fury each second while berserking.Random Drop.
5Aspect of Berserk RippingOffensiveDeal additional bleeding damage to enemies when berserking. Complete Mournfield In Dry Steppes.
6Aspect of Bul-KathosDefensiveDeal additional physical damage with leap.Complete Light’s Refuge In Hawazer.
7Aspect of Burning RageOffensiveDeal additional fire damage to the surrounding enemies when berserking.Random Drop.
8Aspect of Echoing FuryResourceGenerate additional fury each second with an active shout skill.Complete Sirocco Caverns in Kehjistan. 
9Aspect of Encroaching WrathOffensiveDeal additional damage using mastery skills after using above 100 fury.Random Drop.
10Aspect of Giant StridesResourceReceive a reduction in Leap’s cooldown by hitting the enemies.Random Drop.
11Aspect of Grasping WhirlwindUtilityPull enemies towards you using whirlwind.Random Drop.
12Aspect of Limitless RageOffensiveDeal additional damage from core skills when you generate fury above the maximum level.Random Drop.
13Aspect of Numbing WrathDefensiveReceive additional fortify while generating fury when at maximum level.Complete Heathen’s Keep  In Hawezar.
14Aspect of Perpetual StompingMobilityReset cooldown of leap when damaging an enemy using ground or kick.Receive additional fortify with six spawnned weapons.
15Aspect of Tempering BlowsDefensiveReceive additional fortify with six spawned weapons.Complete Defiled CatacombIn Fractured Peaks.
16Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind OffensiveGain additional critical strike chance of whirlwind.Complete Garan Hold In Scosglen.
17Aspect of the Iron Warrior DefensiveGain damage reduction and unstoppable using iron skin.Complete Carrion Fields in Dry Steppes. 
18Aspect of the PricklingOffensiveReceive thorns when damaging an enemy using core skills.Random Drop.
19Aspect of the Relentless ArmsmasterResourceWhen the damage bonuses received from walking arsenal are active, receive additional fury generation.Complete Calibel’s Mine In Scosglen.
20Aspect of Unrelenting FuryResourceReceive a return of the base fury cost after killing an enemy with core skills. Complete Hallowed Ossuary In Fractured Peaks.
21Battle-Mad AspectWeaponWhen swapping weapons, gain additional berserking.Random Drop.
22Bear Clan Berserker’s AspectResourceGain reduction in brawling skills cooldown after killing enemies when berserking.Random Drop.
23Bold Chieftain’s AspectResourceGain reduction in cooldown when surrounded by enemies for shout skills.Random Drop.
24Brawler’s Aspect OffensiveEnemies explode when damaged by kick or ground. (You must kill them within 2 seconds).Complete Haunted RefugeIn Hawezar.
25Death Wish AspectOffensiveWhen berserking, receive additional thorns.Complete Penitent Cairns In Scosglen.
26Devilish AspectOffensiveAfter generating 100 Fury, deal additional damage by creating dust devil from core skills.Random Drop.
27Dust Devil’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional damage from whirlwind when it leaves behind dust devils.Random Drop.
28Earthquake AspectOffensiveDeal additional physical damage to enemies using ground stomp.Random Drop.
29Earthstriker’s Aspect OffensiveDeal overpower damage from next attack by swapping weapon 10x times.Complete Maugan’s WorksIn Hawezar.
30Iron Blood AspectDefensiveReceive additional damage reduction per bleeding enemy.Complete Forgotten Ruins In Kehjistan.
31Luckbringer AspectUtilityWhen all bonuses from walking arsenal are active, receive additional lucky hit chance.Random Drop.
32Relentless Berserker’s AspectUtilityIncrease the duration of berserker when damaging an enemy with core skills.Complete Hakan’s Refuge In Kehjistan.
33Skullbreaker’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional physical damage when stunning a bleeding enemy.Random Drop.
34Slaking AspectResourceWhen rend deals direct damage to enemy, you can receive 20x Fury.Complete Maulwood In Fractured Peaks.
35Steadfast Berserker’s AspectDefensiveWhen rend deals direct damage to the enemy, you can receive 20x Fury.Random Drop.
36Veteran Brawler’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional damage fom charge or leap when each core skill deals direct damage.Complete Heretics Asylum In Kehjistan.
37Weapon Master’s AspectUtilityWhen berserking, you can deal additional fortify with a direct damage. Random Drop.
38Windlasher AspectOffensiveDeal additional dust devil damage after casting double swing twice within ⅕ seconds.Random Drop.

All Druid legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

AspectTypeUnique EffectHow To Get
1Aspect of Cyclonic ForceDefensiveGain physical damage reduction with cyclone Armor.Complete Collapsed Vault in Kehjistan.
2Aspect of Mending Stone DefensiveReceive an increase in the Earthen Bulwark’s duration.Complete Sealed Archives in Dry Steppes.
3Aspect of Metamorphic StoneOffensiveYour boulder skill becomes a core skill and deals normal damage.Random Drop.
4Aspect of Natural BalanceOffensiveGain additional critical strike damage for earth skills when casting a storm skill.Random Drop.
5Aspect of Nature’s SavageryOffensiveWerewolf skills act as storm skills while werebear skills as earth skills for nature fury.Random Drop.
6Aspect of QuicksandUtilityEnemies movement speed is reduced when damage from earth skills.Complete Feral’s Den in Scosglen.
7Aspect of RetaliationOffensiveCore skills now deal additional damage depending upon your fortify.Complete Seaside Descent in Dry Steppes.
8Aspect of the AlphaOffensiveWolf companions become werewolf companions that deal additional damage.Random Drop.
9Aspect of the Blurred BeastOffensiveShred deals additional poison damage to enemies while dashing.Random Drop.
10Aspect of the Calm Breeze ResourceWind shear gains an additional chance to restore spirit.Complete Grinning Labyrinth in Dry Steppes.
11Aspect of the Changeling’s DebtResourceDeal additional poison damage by damaging a poison enemy with any werebear skill.Complete Conclave in Kehjistan.
12Aspect of the Dark HowlUtilityWerewolf skills now include debilitating doar and the debilitating skills will immobilize the poisoned enemies. Random Drop.
13Aspect of the Rampaging WerebeastOffensiveGain an increase in the grizzly rage duration.Complete Endless Gates in Hawezar. 
14Aspect of the StampedeOffensiveReceive another companion and a bonus in your companion skills damage output.Random Drop.
15Aspect of the Tempest OffensiveWhen active, gain an increase in the hurricane damage.Complete Blind Burrows in Hawezar.
16Aspect of the Trampled EarthOffensiveSummon six pillars of earth using trample that deal additional normal damage.Random Drop.
17Aspect of the UnsatiatedResourceGain additional spirit dealing more damage from werewolf skill after killing an enemy with shred. Complete Tormented Ruins in Fractured Peaks.
18Aspect of the Ursine Horror OffensiveEarth skills now include pulverize, and your tectonic spikes deal damage after casting pulverize. Complete Belfry Zakara in Hawazer.
19Aspect of the WildrageOffensiveProvides companions with a bonus using bestial rampage.Random Drop.
20Assimilation AspectResourceWhen faced with enemies with the damage over time effects, you gain an increased dodge chance.Random Drop.
21Balanced AspectResourceWhen Grizzly is active, you gain 20% additional maximum spirit and spirit generation.Random Drop.
22Ballistic AspectUtilityGain additional ranks using earth skills when you possess Fortify.Complete Whispering Pines in Scosglen.
23Crashstone AspectOffensiveDeal additional critical strike damage from earth skills.Complete Stockades in Scosglen.
24Dire Wolf’s AspectOffensiveGrizzlyrage is used to transform you into a dire werewolf.Random Drop.
25Earthsguard AspectOffensiveYou gain a bonus on your next Earthern Bulwark by crowd-controlling the enemies.Random Drop.
26Lightning Dancer’s AspectOffensiveSpawn three dancing bolts using lightning storm critical strikes.Random Drop.
27Mangled AspectResourceGain more Spirit when struck as a werebear.Complete Immortal Emanation in Fractured Peaks.
28Mighty Storm’s AspectOffensiveStorm skills apply earthen might.Random Drop.
29Nighthowler’s AspectOffensiveGain additional critical strike chance from blood howl.Complete Forbidden City in Fracrtured Peaks.
30Overcharged AspectOffensiveReceive an additional chance to overload the enemy while dealing lightning damage. Complete Mariner’s Refuge in Scosglen.
31Runeworker’s Conduit AspectOffensiveWhen performing critical strike using storm skills, the air charges to deal lightning damage.Random Drop.
32Seismic-Shift AspectOffensiveEarth Spike launches spikes in a straight line instead of hitting just the first enemy.Random Drop.
33Shepherd’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional damage with core skills.Complete Bloodsoaked Crag in Dry Steppes.
34Shockwave AspectOffensiveDeal additional damage through shockwaves formed with pulverize.Random Drop.
35Skinwalker’s AspectDefensiveGain additional life from shape-shifting skills and if at full life gain fortify.Complete Fading Echo in Kehjistan.
36Stormchaser’s AspectOffensiveTornadoes lock onto multiple targets.Random Drop.
37Stormclaw’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional damage as lightning damage performing critical trikes with shred.Complete Anica’s Claim in Fractured Peaks.
38Stormshifter’s AspectOffensiveReceive additional ranks to shapeshifting skills with an active hurricane.Complete Crusader’s Cathedral in Kehjistan. 
39Symbiotic AspectDefensiveYour non-ultimate cooldowns are reduced if you activate a free skill using the Nature’s Fury passive.Random Drop.
40Vigorous AspectDefensiveAs a werewolf, gain additional damage reduction.Complete Steadfast Barracks in Hawezar.

All Necromancer legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

AspectTypeUnique EffectHow To Get
1Aspect of Bursting BonesOffensiveDeal additional damage from a destroyed bone prison.Complete Path of the Blind in Dry Steppes.
2Aspect of DecayOffensiveEach shadowblight increases damage of the next ( up to 5).Random Drop.
3Aspect of Explosive MistUtilityNearby corpse are exploded using blood mist.Random Drop.
4Aspect of Frenzied DeadOffensiveMinions gain additional attack speed by damaging enemiesRandom Drop.
5Aspect of Grasping VeinOffensiveGain additional critical strike chance by casting corpse tendrils.Complete Corrupted Grotto in Kehjistan.
6Aspect of Hardened BonesDefensiveMinions gain additional damage reduction ( seven minions required).Random Drop.
7Aspect of Hungry BloodOffensiveAn enemy effected by blood lance has a chance to hit another enemy with the blood lance attack.Random Drop.
8Aspect of Plunging DarknessOffensiveSpawn blight to dean additional damage using bone prison.Complete Rimescar Cavern in Fractured Peaks.
9Aspect of Potent BloodResourceGain essence from blood orbs while possessing max life.Complete Betrayer’s Row in Dry Peaks.
10Aspect of Rathma’s ChosenOffensiveGain attack speed each time your blood skills are overpowered.Random Drop.
11Aspect of ReanimationOffensiveSkeletons receive additional damage when alive.Complete Aldurwood in Scosglen.
12Aspect of SerrationOffensiveGain an additional chance of possessing essence when hitting a vulnerable enemy with bone skills.Random Drop.
13Aspect of Shielding  StormDefensiveReceive a Barrier each time bone storm damages an enemy.Random Drop.
14Aspect of Swelling CurseOffensiveDepending upon the distance, bone spirit deals additional damage.Complete Hive in Scosglen.
15Aspect of the DamnedOffensiveDeal additional shadow damage to enemies affected by Iron Maiden and Decrepify. Complete Uldur’s Cave in Kehjistan.
16Aspect of the EmbalmerDefensiveSpawn a blood orb by consuming a corpse.Random Drop.
17Aspect of the Empowering ReaperOffensiveCritical strikes from sever can spawn blight below the target to deal damage.Complete Flooded Depths in Scosglen.
18Aspect of Exposed FleshResourcePull in enemies into the defiled area of blight.Random Drop.
19Aspect of the VoidUtilityBlood surge’s nova echoes deal less damage.Random Drop.
20Aspect of TormentResourceEssence regeneration is increased by performing critical strike with bone skills.Complete Black Asylum in Fractured Peaks.
21Aspect of Ultimate ShadowOffensiveDarkness skills now include bone storm and blood wave and deals bonus damage.Random Drop.
22Aspect of Untimely DeathOffensiveReceive additional overpower damage by healing your Maximum Life beyond 100%.Random Drop.
23Blighted Aspect OffensiveWhen shadowblight damages enemies (10x), you deal additional damage.Complete Akkhan’s Grasp in Hawezar.
24Blood- Bathed AspectOffensiveUsing blood lance, deal additional damage to the primary enemy.Complete Hoarfrost Demise in Fractured Peaks.
25Blood Getter’s AspectUtilityGain an increase in Maximum Skeletal Warriors.Random Drop.
26Blood Seeker’s AspectOffensiveUsing blood lance, deal additional damage to primary enemy.Complete Mercy’s Reach in Fractured Peaks.
27Blood-Soaked AspectOffensiveBlood Mist deal additional shadow damage by leaving a trial for few seconds.Random Drop.
28Coldbringer’s AspectUtilityDeal additional cold damage when cold skeletals cast blizzard. Random Drop.
29Cadaverous AspectOffensiveGain increase damage from core skills by consuming corpses.Random Drop.
30Fastblood AspectResourceReduce ultimate cooldown using blood orbs.Complete Iron Hold in Hawezar.
31Flesh-Rending AspectResourceGain additional essence when decompose spawns corpse.Complete Nostrava Deepwood in Fractured Peaks.
32Hulking AspectUtilityGolem gains additional chance to reduce cooldown.Complete Sepulcher of the Forsworn in Kehjistan.
33Osseous Gale AspectOffensiveBone Storm provides additional duration after consuming eighth corpses.Random Drop.
34Requiem AspectResourceWith each active minion, you receive a max essence.Complete Vault of the Forsaken in Scosglen.
35Rotting AspectOffensiveDecompose can now stack up to more than single target.Random Drop.
36Sacrificial AspectOffensiveGain additional sacrifice bonuses.Complete Ruins of Eridu in Hawezar.
37Splintering AspectOffensiveBine Spear allows you to hit beyond the initial Vulnerable to deal damage.Complete Guulrahn Slums in Dry Steppes.
38Tidal AspectUtilityBlood Wave can fire two more waves dealing damage.Random Drop.
39Torturous AspectUtilityEnemies effected by Iron Maiden can be stunned.Complete Deserted Underpass in Kehjistan.
40Unyielding Commander’s Aspect OffensiveMinions gain additional attack speed while army of the dead is active.Complete Faceless Shrine in Hawezar.
41Viscous AspectUtilityGain an increase in max skeletal mages.Random Drop.

All Rogue legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

AspectTypeUnique EffectHow To Get
1Aspect of Siphoned VictualsDefensiveGain healing potion after damaging vulnerable enemy using core skills.Complete Leviathan’s Maw in Hawezar.
2Aspect of Quickening FogUtilitySmoke Grenades are dropped after dashing.Random Drop.
3Aspect of Arrow StormOffensiveGain 10% chance of ranged skills to create an arrow storm, inflicting physical damage over a period.Complete Howling Warren in Scosglen.
4Aspect of Branching VolleysOffensiveGain additional chance of splitting barrage arrows.Complete Shadowed Plunge in Hawezar.
5Aspect of Bursting VenomsOffensiveReceive powerful imbued skills to deal poison damage.Random Drop.
6Aspect of CorruptionOffensiveGain additional Imbuement skill effect while facing Vulnerable foes.Complete Renegade’s Retreat in Kehjistan.
7Aspect of Cruel SustenanceDefensiveHeals you for additional life from explosions caused by victimize passive.Random Drop.
8Aspect of Encircling BladesOffensiveDeal increased damage from Flurry.Complete Forsaken Quarry in Fractured Peaks.
9Aspect of Elusive Menace DefensiveGain additional dodge chance from active close quarters combat.Random Drop.
10Aspect of Explosive VerveUtilityTrap skills now include Grenade Skills and you gain movement speed.Complete Derelict Lodge in Fractured Peaks.
11Aspect of Imitated ImbuementOffensiveShadow Clones are able to mimic the applied skill Inbuements.Random Drop.
12Aspect of Lethal DuskDefensiveGain stealth by invading shadow imbuement infected enemies.Random Drop.
13Aspect of Noxious IceUtilityChilled enemies, if poisoned through Poison Imbuements, receives additional chilled.Random Drop.
14Aspect of RepeatingOffensiveGain an additional chance of ricocheting multiple targets using rapid fire.Random Drop.
15Aspect of Stolen VigorDefensiveGain additional life from momentum key.Random Drop.
16Aspect of SurpriseOffensiveLeave stun grenades behind to deal damage while evading.Random Drop.
17Aspect of SynergyOffensiveAgility skills reduce subterfuge skills cooldown.Random Drop.
18Aspect of Uncanny Treachery DefensiveGain Stealth when attacking stunned enemy with an Agility Skill.Complete Demon’s Wake in Scosglen.
19Aspect of Uncanny ResilienceDefensiveReceive additional damage reduction with a Lucky Hit.Random Drop.
20Aspect of Unstable ImbuementsOffensiveTriggers Imbued explosion when casting an imbuement skill.Complete Whispering Vault in Dry Steppes.
21Aspect of Volatile Shadows OffensiveDeal additional shadow damage from a triggered explosion after removing dark shroud shadow.Complete Ancient’s Lament in Dry Steppes.
22Bladedancer’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional twisting blade’s return damage on each hit.Complete Jalal’s Vigil in Scosglen.
23Blast-Trapper’s AspectOffensiveDeal additional damage from your trap skills.Complete Kor Valar Ramparts in Fractured Peaks.
24Cheat’s AspectDefensiveReceive reduced damage caused by crowd controlled enemies.Complete Luban’s Rest in Scosglen.
25Energizing AspectResourceGenerate energy after damaging elite enemies with basic skills.Complete Sanguine Chapel in Fractured Peaks.
26Enshrouding AspectDefensiveWhile in idle position, gain a dark shroud shadow.Complete Ghoa Ruins in Hawezar.
27Escape Artist’s AspectDefensiveDodge attacks and drop some grenades after taking enemy damage.Random Drop.
28Frostbitten AspectDefensiveGain additional abilities while going up against chilled and frozen enemies.Random Drop.
29Icy Alchemist’s AspectOffensiveDeal cold damage from explosions caused after damaging chilled enemies with shadow imbued skills.Random Drop.
30Infiltrator’s AspectOffensiveUse poison traps without damaging stealth (no cooldown).Random Drop.
31Mangler’s AspectUtilityDaze vulnerable enemies after dealing direct damage.Complete Prison of Caldeum in Kehjistan.
32Ravager’s AspectMobilityGain additional charge for shadow step.Random Drop.
33Ravenous AspectResourceGain additional energy regeneration after killing vulnerable enemy.Complete Shifting City in Dry Steppes.
34Shadowslicer AspectOffensiveSpawns shadow clone after casting Dash.Complete Twisted Hollow in Scosglen.
35Snap Frozen AspectDefensiveReceive barrier after evading chilled or frozen enemies.Random Drop.
36Toxic Alchemist’s AspectOffensiveWhen hitting a poisoned enemy with shadow imbued skills, you can create a toxic explosion.Random Drop.
37Trickster’s AspectOffensiveUsing caltrop, throw smoke grenades to deal physical damage.Complete Guulrahn Canals in Hawezar.
38Umbrous AspectDefensiveGain a dark shroud shadow by performing critical strikes with marksman skills.Random Drop.
39Vengeful AspectOffensiveGain additional critical strike chance by making an enemy vulnerable.Complete Inferno in Kehjistan.

All Sorcerer legendary aspect locations in Diablo 4

AspectTypeUnique EffectHow To Get
1Aspect of Frozen WakeOffensiveDeal damage from ice spikes when ice armor is active.Random Drop.
2Aspect of Abundant EnergyOffensiveGina additional chance from crackling energy to chain enemies.Random Drop.
3Aspect of Ancient FlameOffensiveGain an increase in attack speed while Esu’s Ferocity bonuses are active.Random Drop.
4Aspect of Armageddon OffensiveDeal additional fire damage from falling meteorites.Random Drop.
5Aspect of Binding EmbersUtilityStay unhindered through the enemies using flame shield.Random Drop.
6Aspect of Biting ColdUtilityEnemies become vulnerable after you freeze them.Complete Forgotten Depths in Dry Steppes.
7Aspect of ConcentrationResourceNo taken damage results in an increase in your mana regeneration.Random Drop.
8Aspect of ControlOffensiveDeal additional damage to frozen, stunned and immobilized enemies.Complete Sunken Library in Kehisjtan.
9Aspect of Efficiency OffensiveReceive a decrease in mana cost from a core skill by casting basic skills.Complete Domhainne Tunnels in Scosglen/
10Aspect of Engulfing FlamesOffensiveDeal additional burning damage when enemies receive more damage over time  than their life.Random Drop.
11Aspect of Frozen MemoriesOffensiveAvalanche can now be applied to one more cast.Random Drop.
12Aspect of Frozen OrbitOffensiveDeal additional damage from exploding frozen orbs.Random Drop.
13Aspect of Overwhelming CurrentsOffensiveMore shock skills can be cast by unstable currents.Random Drop.
14Aspect of Piercing ColdOffensiveIce Shards deal less damage while piercing multiple times.Complete Dead Man’s Dredge in Fractured Peaks.
15Aspect of Shattered StarsOffensiveFalling meteorites deal additional fire damage.Random Drop.
16Aspect of Singed ExtremitiesUtilityMovement speed of enemies is reduced once Immobilize wears off.Complete Earthen Wound in Hawezar.
17Aspect of Splintering EnergyOffensiveSpawn an additional lightning spear after casting lightning spear.Complete Crumbling Hekma in Kehjistan.
18Aspect of Static ClingOffensiveCharged Bolts attack enemies while lasting longer.Complete Wretched Delve in Scosglen.
19Aspect of the Bounding ConduitMobilityAfter teleporting, gain additional movement speed.Complete Komdor Temple inDry Steppes. 
20Aspect of the Frozen TundraOffensiveDeal cold damage from exploding spikes when deep freeze is active.Random Drop.
21Aspect of the Unbroken TetherOffensiveGain additional chance to chain using chain lightning.Random Drop.
22Aspect of the UnwaveringOffensiveReset cooldown of a defensive skills by taking direct damage.Complete Putrid Aquifer in Kehjistan.
23Aspect of three CursesOffensiveDeal additional critical strike damage using meteor.Complete Serpent’s Lair in Hawezar.
24Charged AspectMobilityGain movement speed through cracking energy.Complete Maddux Watch in Scosglen.
25Elementalist’s AspectOffensiveGain additional critical strike chance using mastery or core skills above 100 mana.Complete Pallid Delve in Dry Steppes.
26Everliving AspectDefensiveReceive less damage from enemies with crowd control.Random Drop.
27Flamewalker’s AspectMobilityGain movement speed when coming in contact with firewall.Complete Cultist Refuge in Fractured Peaks.
28Frostblitz AspectDefensiveGain charge from Frost Nova at the cost of cooldown on each charge.Random Drop.
29Glacial AspectOffensiveSpawn ice spikes that explode to deal damage using blizzard.Random Drop.
30Gravitational AspectOffensiveDecrease damage of ball lightning around you.Random Drop.
31Incendiary AspectResourceRestore Mana from burning damage.Complete Tomb of the Saints in Kehjistan.
32Mage-Lord’s AspectOffensiveGain increased damage reduction of vyr’s mastery.Random Drop.
33Prodigy’s AspectResrouceRestore mana through cooldowns.Complete Witchwater in Hawezar.
34Recharging AspectResourceGain mana from the bounces of chain lightning.Complete Zenith in Fractured Peaks.
35Serpentine AspectOffensiveDuration of Hydra is decreased.Random Drop.
36Shattered AspectOffensiveKilling enemies with frozen while shatter explodes, increases damage.Random Drop.
37Snowguard’s AspectDefensiveReceive reduced damage when in your own Blizzard.Random Drop.
38Snowveiled AspectDefensiveBecome unstoppable after casting Ice Armor.Complete Sarat’s Lair in Scosglen.
39Stable AspectOffensiveShock skills can possess a free cast when unstable current is deactivated.Random Drop.
40Storm Swell Aspect OffensiveWith a Barrier, deal additional damage to vulnerable enemies.Complete Onyx Hold in Dry Steppes.

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