Diablo 4 Call Of The Ancients Walkthrough

Call of the Ancients is one of the lengthiest side quests you will take part in when exploring the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4.

Call of the Ancients is one of the lengthiest side quests you will take part in when exploring the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4. During this side quest, you are accompanied by Chieftain Glous and must answer the call to the Bear Tribe Shaman.

During the quest, you will be bombarded with several objectives that not many are capable of completing during their first try. To ease up your tasks, we have prepared this guide to help you complete the Call of the Ancients side quest in Diablo 4.

How to start the quest

The Call of the Ancients is a part of the Bear Tribe quest chain in Diablo 4 and is the last of the four quests which you must complete. The quest is unlocked after completing the prerequisite side quest called the Hammer of the Champion.

The map location of the Call of the Ancient quest in Diablo 4.

Once the quest is completed, head over to the Bear Tribe Refuge which is an area in the Fractured Peaks region in Diablo 4.

The area is located west of the Seat of the Heavens and can be accessed easily by teleporting to the nearest waypoint of the Bear Tribe Refuge.

After entering the area, simply talk to Chieftain Glous who is sitting on his throne. Once the conversation has ended, you will kick start the Call of the Ancients quest in Diablo 4.

How to complete Call of the Ancients in Diablo 4

Each side quest in Diablo 4 consists of several objectives to complete and Call of the Ancients is no exception as there are plenty of objectives you are given to reach the end and complete this quest.

Enter the Hallowed Glacier

Start off by heading northeast from the Tribe of Refuge to reach the Hallowed Glacier. This area is an Iceland filled with snow and darkness.

As you enter this story dungeon, you must head northeast and make your way through the wave of Ice Clan Marauder to reach the eastern part of the dungeon to come across the first main enemy of the area, Gharl.

Defeat Gharl in the Hallowed Glacier

Gharl will be your first Elite enemy to come across in the Hallowed Galier story dungeon. He will be accompanied by the Ice Clan Marauder.

Defeating all the minions should be your main priority here before shifting your focus on Gharl who can easily be killed using melee attacks.

Defeat Sakoth in the Bloodsoaked Glacier

After defeating Ghalr, head northeast of the dungeon to reach the Bloodsoaked Glacier. Continue your path to the northeast till you come across a massive wave of Ice Clan enemies. Make your way through them to come across the second Elite monster in the dungeon, Sakoth.

Sakoth is a fleshless elite enemy who is accompanied by his Ice Clamn minions. Defeating him can be easy if you use ranged attacks since he is equipped with a massive weapon that he uses to deal damage.

Place the Bloodstone on the Bloodstone Pedestal

As you defeat Sakoth in the Bloodsoaked Glacier, he drops a Bloodstone. Your task to is safely collect the Bloodstone and retrieve it to the Bloodstone Pedestal.

The Bloodstone Pedesdal can be found at the Depraved Tunnels which is the last section of the story dungeon.

Place the Bloodstone on the Bloodstone Pedestal to open a new path leading to an area where you will find Kravett, the Bear Tribe Shaman. Talk to him as he tells you that he was waiting for the Chieftain to answer the call.

Defeat Cyhrach the firstborn deathless ancient

As your conversation with Kravett is over, Cyhrach the firstborn will be summoned. Your task is to slay the monster.

Using melee attacks will be more than enough to kill the firstborn thus completing the Call of the Ancients side quest in Diablo 4. As a reward, you will receive 1x Elixir Cache, 20+ Renown, Gold, and Experience.

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