What’s Fortify In Diablo 4, How Fortified Works

Fortify (or the Fortified stat) is one of the new defensive gameplay mechanics introduced in Diablo 4 where you take reduced damage.

Fortify (or the Fortified stat) is one of the new gameplay mechanics and tools introduced in Diablo 4.

This one specifically deals with defense, allowing you to get a second health bar of sorts to absorb incoming damage.

The damage reduction while Fortified, however, is class-specific in D4. You can only use it with the Barbarian, Druid, and Necromancer classes. This is because they have certain skills that allow them to gain Fortify stats.

Not all of the new gameplay mechanics are class-specific though. Lucky Hit, for example, is an on-hit bonus effect modifier that is accessible to all classes including the Rogue and Sorcerer.

How does the Fortify stat work in Diablo 4

Fortify is a pretty straightforward mechanic to understand in Diablo 4. Unfortunately, like most of the other tools, the game does not attempt to explain them very well.

Fortifying yourself in Diablo 4 means gaining a secondary health bar. Keep an eye on your health globe in the bottom left of the screen.

When you use a skill that makes you Fortified, a dull red-colored health layer will overlap your original life bar. That overlapping (outer) health globe is your Fortify stat.

Hover your cursor on your life bar and you will see two values: one for your current health bar and the second for your Fortify.

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If you are thinking that your Fortified health bar will finish first before going on to your original life bar, you are both right and wrong. Fortify works a little differently.

Firstly, yes, your Fortified health will finish first, meaning that your chances of survival are better. This works great since becoming Fortified means taking 10 percent less damage from all sources.

Secondly, and the most important thing to understand is that you need to fulfill certain conditions to activate and use your Fortified health.

How to activate Fortify in Diablo 4

This might be a little complicated for newcomers to the game. You only become Fortified in Diablo 4 if and when your health bar drops below a certain point.

For example, your total and current health is 3,000 with 2,000 Fortify built up. Your Fortified health will not activate until your health has dropped below 2,000. That is when you will start taking 10 percent less damage.

This also means that if your character has a high health regeneration rate, your chances of activating Fortify will be reduced.

How to gain and get more Fortify

Out of five character classes available in Diablo 4, only three of them have such skills that add to the Fortify stat.

These classes include the Barbarian, Druid, and Necromancer. Each of these classes has some special skills associated with them that provide a boost to the Fortify meter.


In the barbarian class, the most significant boost is provided by the Mighty War Cry skill. This skill will increase the barbarian defense by 28% of the character’s base life.

Similarly, the Enhanced Bash skill will provide a 5% Fortify boost to the character base life. This will become twice (10%) if the Barbarian uses a Two-handed weapon during the fight.


Like Barbarian, Druid also has a popular skill known as Preserving Earthen Bulwark which allows Fortify Boost equal to 18% of the character’s base life.

Additionally, skills like Fierce Earth Spike and Enhanced Maul grant Fortify Bonus of 2% of the characters base life. Skills such as Natural Temple stand at the top in the Druid class by providing 20% base life Fortify Boost.


In comparison to the other two classes, Necromancer class-associated skills have fewer Fortify Boost skills and percentages.

Skills such as Initiate’s Hemorrhage and Supernatural Blood Sugar add Fortify Boost of only 1.6% and 1% of the character’s base life.

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