How To Get Aspect Of Ancient Flame In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Ancient Flame is perfect for your Fire-based Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4. It increases your burn damage.

The Aspect of Ancient Flame is a unique legendary aspect that can only be used by Sorcerers in Diablo 4. You can only utilize this aspect by activating your Esu’s Ferocity passive. Once you activate both the bonuses of this passive, the aspect will take your attack speed to the next level.

This aspect comes under the offensive category, providing valuable damage with increased attacks. You can use this aspect to wipe out multiple enemies in a shorter period in D4.

The attack speed can come in very handy for the Sorcerer class, so you should look to unlock this legendary aspect in D4. Moreover, since you cannot use this aspect with any other skill, ensure you have Esu’s Ferocity unlocked from the Sorcerer skill tree.

Aspect of Ancient Flame location in Diablo 4

You need to explore the regions of Diablo 4 to get your hand on the Aspect of Ancient Flame. Unfortunately, you can only obtain this legendary aspect by finding the right legendary gear and extracting it. The legendary gear drops are random, So the trick here is to explore all the dungeons and strongholds to receive a good amount of legendary drops. 

Moreover, improve your success rate of obtaining the Aspect of Ancient Flame by completing the world events and fighting world bosses. You need to visit the Occultist to extract the aspect from the legendary gear. 

If you are looking to imprint the aspect on more than one item, then you must farm the aspect, as once you imprint the extracted aspect, it will disappear from your inventory.


Additionally, you can use the Offhands item from Purveyor of Curiosities for minimal Obols to improve your chances of obtaining offensive aspects. Now you can make use of this legendary aspect to increase the power of Sorcerer builds.

Aspect of Ancient Flame builds in Diablo 4

This legendary aspect perfectly works with the fire skills in Diablo 4, making it perfect for the Sorcerer fire builds.

The build provides you with enough power to bring down even the elite enemies with just a few hits. Moreover, the Aspect of Ancient Flame makes it possible to burn more enemies due to higher attack speed. So make use of this aspect with Eru’s Ferocity to burn your enemies to a crisp.

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