How To Get Aspect Of Elusive Menace In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Elusive Menace is a brilliant Legendary Aspect that only the Rogue Class is lucky enough to use in Diablo 4.

The Aspect of Elusive Menace is a brilliant Legendary Aspect that only the Rogue Class is lucky enough to use in Diablo 4.

This is a defensive Aspect that serves to protect your character from close enemies – under certain circumstances of course.

The Aspect of Elusive Menace, as the name implies, provides your character with a chance to Dodge an incoming attack from a Close enemy, provided that it has both of the Close Quarters Combat Key Passive functioning.

However, this effect is reset each time you Dodge a hit successfully.

Since it has the potential to serve as a universal aspect across all the builds, it’s definitely a great one to acquire as early as you can.

Aspect of Elusive Menace location in Diablo 4

Though we would love to add this Aspect to our Codex of Power, that cannot be done, sadly. This is because the Aspect of Elusive Menace cannot be found by clearing dungeons in Diablo 4. It can only be found on a Legendary item that has it imprinted on it already.


Hence, to acquire this Aspect, you have to farm for Legendary items and hope that one of them already has the Aspect in question on it. If so, you can extract the Aspect of Elusive Menace off of it via an Occultist.

However, extracting the Aspect comes at a cost. You not only lose the Legendary Item, but you can only use the Aspect obtained from it once. This means that you cannot add it to your Codex of Power.

Aspect of Elusive Menace builds in Diablo 4

The Aspect of Elusive Menace isn’t guaranteed as a drop, and only a few are lucky enough to obtain this Aspect imprinted on a Legendary Item.

Being a defensive Aspect, the Aspect of Elusive Menace fits well into any build that requires a little touch-up on its defense.

This is especially true if the Diablo 4 build doesn’t already possess a few defensive skills. Take the Rapid Fire Barrage Rogue build for example. This is an endgame build that utilizes most of its skills to inflict high-tier damage, with little thought of defense.

In such cases, the added defensive boost with the help of the Aspect of Elusive Menace can prove to be a great addition to the overall build. Especially because it’s a whole different item and doesn’t compromise the skill selection of the build.

The Poison Trap Rogue build is another great example in this case. This build utilizes the Rogue’s skills to make the character’s attacks faster than ever and improve its stealth.

However, this particular build is extremely weak on defense. Hence, the Aspect of Elusive Menace can change the defensive dynamics of this build entirely and make it more powerful than ever.

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