What Is Thorns Stat In Diablo 4

Thorn is an Offensive stat in Diablo 4 that lets you deal damage to the enemies when they hit you. It can return some damage or all of it ...

Diablo 4 features a number of status buffs and debuffs that can be applied to your characters or you might encounter enemies with the same effects. Understanding each of these stats and status effects will allow you to prepare accordingly when making your builds. Thorns is one of those stats in Diablo 4 which can confuse some players especially if they are new to the series.

Diablo 4 Thorns stat explained

Thorns is an offensive stat in Diablo 4 that lets you deal damage to the enemies when they hit you. It can return some damage or all of it and sometimes even scale the returned damage. Just like when someone hits a thorn hits himself.

For Thorns to work, you must get a hit from the enemy. However, having a Thorn effect doesn’t mean you will be immune to enemy attacks; you will still get some damage. Thorns stat is available for all Diablo 4 classes, but it is best executed with Barbarians and Necromancers as it will be useless for others.

Using the thorns status effect depends on the class you are using. The thorns effect can be acquired through skills, specific thorns gears, and using legendary aspects that provide Thorns.

You can use thorns with armor like Rage of Harrogath or use them while attacking with a weapon with a thorns aspect.

How to increase Thorns stat in Diablo 4

The Thorns effect damage is linked to your Intelligence. You have to level up and spend a point to increase your Intelligence resulting in increased thron damage.


The best way to increase this is by using the Barbarian and Necromancer classes. Using various aspects and skills focusing on these two classes can increase your thorns effect. Also, using Iron Barb Elixir can increase your thorns effect in D4.

Best Thorns skills in Diablo 4

Following is the list of best thorns skills.

Combat Flay

With this skill, you will get five thorns for 3s and a 3% reduction in damage.


Outburst Skill grants you two Thorns and additional thorns for every two bonus max life.

Tough as Nails

Tough as Nails Skill results in a 20% increase in thorns. It also causes 1% additional thorns to enemies through bleeding damage,

Strategic Challenging Shout

This skill will grant you 50% thorns in D4 for the maximum life you have.

Spiked Armor

The Spiked Armor grants you 50 thorns, and it can be scaled to 150 thorns, making it one of the best skills.

Best Thorns Aspects

There are only two thorns aspects in the game:

Death Wish Aspect

Death Wish Aspect is limited to the Barbarian class only. It gives you various amounts of thorns depending on your level.

Needleflare Aspect

Needleflare Aspect is available for all classes but is most effective when used with Barbarian Class. This aspect can grant 20-40% thorns damage.

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