What’s Lucky Hit In Diablo 4

The Lucky Hit stat shows you the percentage chance of triggering a bonus effect by using a certain skill on an enemy target in Diablo 4.

“Lucky Hit” is a poorly worded stat that you are going to often find as a modifier on your higher rarity items (armor and weapons) in Diablo 4.

It is an important gameplay mechanic that could have been better explained by Blizzard Entertainment. There should have been some in-game tooltips or descriptions to let you know what Lucky Hit is and does in D4.

Hence, the reason why many players tend to just ignore the stat on their gear. Do not make light of it though. Getting a Lucky Hit at the right time can mean a critical heal to save you, a massive critical strike to cut an elite monster, and such.

Lucky Hit is not class-exclusive like Fortify, so it is important that every player has a fair idea of how the new Diablo 4 mechanic works.

How does the Lucky Hit stat work in Diablo 4

To make it simple and easy to understand, the Lucky Hit stat shows you the percentage chance of triggering a bonus effect by using a certain skill on an enemy target in Diablo 4.

In the example given below, the “Loop of the Calm Breeze” ring has a Lucky Hit effect that gives a 10 percent chance to fully restore your spirit meter as a Druid while using Wind Shear.


Wind Shear is one of the basic skills you start with in the Druid skill tree. Thanks to the Lucky Hit bonus effect of this ring, you have a 10 percent chance on every Wind Shear attack to restore all of your spirit.

Something important to understand here is that the Lucky Hit bonus effect is always exclusive to a single skill, or to Wind Shear in the example given above. None of your other skills are going to make use of its bonuses.

In another example, getting a Lucky Hit effect on a piece of gear may improve a skill of yours to stun enemies more often. These bonus effects can be incredibly powerful.

In summary, the higher the Lucky Hit percentage, the higher chance you have of triggering its bonus effect with a skill.

How to use Lucky Hits in Diablo 4

Using Lucky Hits is pretty straightforward in D4. All you have to do is equip the skill that the Lucky Hit effect mentions in its description. Then use it in a battle to fulfill its respective conditions.

If the Lucky Hit effect says that it will improve your Rogue’s Shadow skills in some manner. You need to have your Shadow skills equipped or else you will not be able to trigger its bonus effects.

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