How To Get Aspect Of Bursting Venoms In Diablo 4

The Aspect of Bursting Venoms creates a toxic pool to damage enemies whenever your Rogue lands a critical hit in Diablo 4.

If you are making use of the poison skills in the Rogue skill tree, you need the Aspect of Bursting Venoms to further increase your overall damage over time in Diablo 4.

This aspect gives you a poison-imbued skill upon landing a critical strike. It creates a toxic pool that deals tons of poison damage to anyone caught in its radius.

The best part about this enchantment is that it provides no cooldown nor any charge when inside the toxic pool, making it one of the best Rogue aspects out of all legendary aspects in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Bursting Venoms location in Diablo 4

You will not find the Aspect of Bursting Venoms inside your Codex of Power in Diablo 4. This is an extracted aspect, meaning that you have to extract it from a gear on which it is already imprinted.

That, however, relies on luck and the time you are going to invest in farming dungeons at higher World Tier difficulties.

These legendary items are dropped randomly by enemies found in different regions of D4. The enemies that have a higher chance of dropping these Legendary items are mostly found in dungeons.

After finding them, head over to an Occultist who will extract the items. However, being a non-Codex legendary enchantment, you can only use them once before acquiring them from a different Legendary item in Diablo 4.

Furthermore, you can farm the Aspect of Bursting Venoms by buying Offhands at the Purveyor of Curiosities by trading Obols. You must have at least 40x Obols to perform this method.

Aspect of Bursting Venoms builds in Diablo 4

Since the Rogue class in Diablo 4 focuses on dealing critical damage using Poison attacks, it is best that you use the Plague Shot Rogue build with the Aspect of Bursting Venoms in D4.

Especially with the use of Poison Rapid Fire, you can deal tremendous Poison damage to the opponent. Pairing its active and passive skills with the Aspect of Bursting Venoms can cause chaos upon your enemies.

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