How To Use The Occultist In Diablo 4

You automatically unlock the Occultist merchant after hitting level 20 in Diablo 4, a 5-level drop from the beta phase.

The fan-favorite Occultist returns to Diablo 4 from the preceding installment in the franchise, but with some new services for you to make use of.

You can now visit an Occultist to extract Aspects from items in Diablo 4, craft Nightmare Sigils for dungeons, enchant your gear, and such.

How to unlock the Occultist in Diablo 4

You automatically unlock the Occultist merchant after hitting level 20 in Diablo 4. However, there is also another way to unlock them on your map on the off chance that you want their services before fulfilling the level requirement.

If you manage to complete your first dungeon in Diablo 4, you will unlock the Occultist. This is not that hard to achieve. Everything scales with your level in Diablo 4, so you can try out any dungeon you come across.

Demyan, your first Occultist, map location in Diablo 4

The first Occultist named Demyan can be found by traveling to the northeastern sector of Kyovashad Town. His shop is set up in a wooden cabin that is very prominent on the street.

How to use the Occultist in Diablo 4

Following are all the uses for the Occultist NPC:

  • Apply Legendary Aspects (Enchantments) on their Gears.
  • Extract Legendary Aspects from that Gear they possess.
  • Enchanting items with new Affixes and replacing old Affixes.
  • Crafting and salvaging Nightmare Sigils for the endgame.

Moreover, an Occultist can allow players to access their Codex of Power. Each player is granted a Codex of Power after unlocking the Occultist. It contains a set of Aspects (Legendary in rarity). Players can apply these aspects to their gear in exchange for some gold.

Do note that the Codex of Power Does not contain all the legendary aspects in the game and you must find the missing aspects through other means.

Imprinting Aspects

This is the main function of the Occultist NPC. Follow the steps below to apply Aspect to your equipment:

  • You need to have that Aspect in your Codes of Power. This can either be done by getting the said aspect when you first get access to the Codex of Power or earning it through completing a dungeon.
  • You need to have sufficient gold to apply that Aspect. The amount of gold required depends on the rarity of the Aspect and the piece of equipment receiving it.
  • You need to have veil crystals. These can be salvaged pieces of rare gear.

Legendary Aspects can be added to your codex of power by completing a dungeon. There are some Legendary Aspects that cannot be added to your Codex of Power. These aspects can only be found on dropped legendary items. To apply these Aspects to the gear of your choice, you must extract them.

This can be done by using the “EXTRACT ASPECT” window in the Occultist menu. The extracted aspect is added to your menu as a crafting item.

Do note that the Aspect you obtain through this process will not be added to your Codex of Power. Therefore, it can only be used once. Once this Aspect has been applied to an item, it cannot be extracted again.

Enchanting Affixes

The Occultist can enchant any rare or legendary item in your inventory. Enchanting an item modified its Affix. These can be seen in the form of bullet points located below the item name and above the applied Aspect description.

You can also replace one of the affixes that have already been applied to an item. You need to select the affix you want to replace and spend gold and 1x Veiled Crystal (1x Fiend Rose is also needed if the item is Legendary).  

Crafting Sigils

To craft Nightmare Sigils, you first need to collect Sigil Powder. It is a crafting material that can be obtained from the Whispering Tree. The crafted Nightmare Sigil will grant you access to nightmare dungeons. These dungeons have enemies that are much stronger than usual. Therefore, these dungeons also boast higher rewards.  

Each Nightmare Sigil tier decides on which world it can be used in.

Occultists can also Salvage Nightmare Sigils of lower tiers to get Sigil powder. This powder can be later used to craft Nightmare Sigils of the appropriate tier.

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