All Diablo 4 Bosses

Here is a list of all bosses that you can fight in Diablo 4, including the ones from the campaign, dungeons, strongholds, and world events.

Sanctuary has once again been overtaken by demonic and evil forces. You are, hence, going to encounter several bosses during your adventures in Sanctuary that need to be slain for the good of the people in Diablo 4.

Unfortunately, the loot you get from the D4 bosses is hardly impressive, even at the highest difficult settings. You are, nonetheless, going to be bumping into them because they are, after all, part of the content you paid for.

Below is a list of all of the Diablo 4 bosses, categorized between the main campaign, dungeon, stronghold, and world bosses.

Campaign bosses in Diablo 4

You are going to have to fight a total of 15 bosses while doing the main story campaign of Diablo 4, some more than once. All of them are mandatory and need to be put down to unravel the storyline further.

Do, however, note that almost every campaign boss you encounter in Diablo 4 is going to be pretty easy to defeat. Yes, there are a couple of bosses such as Lilith (obviously) who can be a little tricky, but completing the campaign should be a breeze.

Airidah, Keeper of the Dead sides with Lilith in return for power in Diablo 4. Do not let her aging appearance fool you. She can be a handful. You are going to face her and her lightning strikes during the “Apex of Misery” quest in Act 2.


Amalgam of Rage Gestation is going to be encountered while progressing through the “Fangs of Corruption” quest in Act 2. This creature is a Cerberus-like beast that looks pretty overwhelming to take down in Diablo 4.

Andariel, Maiden of Anguish, is a returning boss from the franchise in Diablo 4. She is also known as the Demon Queen who gave her utmost support to the Lesser Evils for decades only to lose her faith in the end.

You are going to face Andariel while going through the “Anguish Incarnate” quest in Act 4.

Astaroth is another familiar name from the Diablo lore and one who has a history with Donan. He is associated with the Cathedral of Hatred where he maintains the hellfire barrier around the place.

Lilith releases Astaroth from the soul stone as part of a deal so that she can reach her father Mephisto. You will face this boss during the final quest of Act 4 in Diablo 4.

Brol, The Tyrant King, is a mighty warrior who awaits your arrival at the Temple of the Primes. You will encounter this boss while progressing through the “Descent Into Flame” quest during Act 3 of Diablo 4.

Duriel, Lord of Pain, a family member of Andariel, helped Diablo release Baal and Mephisto. Duriel was guarding the Prison of Baal when a few heroes sent him back to hell. Start “The Walls Shake” quest in Act 6 to fight this boss in Diablo 4.

Elias, also known as the Pale Man, is responsible for summoning Lilith into Sanctuary in Diablo 4. He serves as the right hand of the “Blessed Mother” and has somehow become immortal.

You are going to fight Elias two times while trying to find a way to make him mortal in between. Your first encounter will be during the “Piercing the Veil” quest in Act 3. Your second and last encounter will be in Act 5, during the “On the Precipice” quest.

Moreover, you will also encounter Elias while going through the Capstone dungeon to raise your difficulty to World Tier 4.

Karum, Hound of Hatred is going to be encountered while going through the main “In Desolation’s Wake” quest in Act 6. He is going to be supported by Ninsa, so you must devise a strategy to take on both of them in Diablo 4.

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto and the main antagonist of Diablo 4. The “Mother of Sanctuary” wants to absorb her father’s powers to rule over both heaven and hell, as well as Sanctuary.

You are going to encounter the Daughter of Hatred during the “What Lies Ahead” quest, which is the final part of Act 6.

Mohlon, Snake Queen, is the final obstacle of the “Cold Blood” quest that you can attempt during Act 5 in Diablo 4. The Snake Queen has a long history with the game, and defeating her is going to take the same effort.

Ninsa, also famous as the Blight of Hatred, is another campaign boss in Diablo 4. You will come across her while completing the “Desolation’s Wake” quest during Act 6.

Tchort, Health of Lilith, is one of the followers of Lilith in Diablo 4. She guards the Pulsing Spellbook in the Horadic Vault, and you will face this enemy at the exact spot. She awaits your arrival in the first act of the game, so defeat her to get the book for Neyrelle.

Uznu, The Annihilator, is the boss that you need to overcome while clearing the “Scouring of Caldeum” quest during Act 6 in Diablo 4. The boss is gruesome-looking and breathes fire on your face.

Vhenard gave birth to Neyrelle and acted as a scholar back in time. She traveled with Neyrelle all over the Sanctuary to find remnants and artifacts belonging to Horadrim.

You will face her during the start stages of the game as she appears in “The Cost of Knowledge” quest that you take on during Act 1.

X’Fal, the Scarred Baron

X’Fal, The Scarred Baron is the first boss of Diablo 4. You are going to encounter this demonic creature in the prologue.

Dungeon bosses in Diablo 4

Every dungeon has certain objectives that need to be done, the last of which is usually a boss encounter in Diablo 4. That being said, not all dungeons have bosses, and some bosses are encountered in multiple dungeons.

Depending on your build, class, and difficulty settings, you might find dungeon bosses a bit more challenging than the campaign bosses.

Hence, always come prepared because you need to take them all down to unlock legendary aspects for your Codex of Power. That and to find a ton of loot every time.

Blood Bishop looks like an anatomical heart that lies at the end of several dungeons in Diablo 4. He relies on long-range projectiles to inflict damage during combat.

Bramble resembles a colossal tree boss that uses venomous attacks.

Broodguard is a giant spider boss located in multiple dungeons in Diablo 4. She can summon loads of spiderlings and does a lot of poison damage herself.

Chief Marauder is a human who wields a gigantic axe in Diablo 4. The boss makes AoE attacks to trap you during battle.

Cyhrach, the First Born, relies on frost damage and will attack you during the “Call of the Ancients” quest in Diablo 4.

Den Mother is a gigantic werewolf with demonic powers, razor-sharp claws, and mobility to catch and shred you apart.

Drowned Seahag is wrapped with ghostly skin and is placed under the stout humanoid category. The boss uses powerful water attacks and bone attacks during the battle.

High Council is the upgraded version of the Knight Council and has four different knights associated with it in Diablo 4.

Innes, Vengeance of Glor-han-Fhaidha has some powerful lightning and wind attacks in Diablo 4. The boss is a prominent human shaman who uses a staff to carry magical attacks during battles.

Khazra Abomination is found in several dungeons in D4. The immense Khazra have some powerful shamanic abilities to use in the battles.

Knight Council is made up of three knights who all rely on their sword skills.

Mother’s Judgement controls the red lightning and is one of the strongest cultist sorcerers of D4. Her magic attacks are devastating, so dodge them at all costs.

Outlaw Sharpshooter fights from a distance using a crossbow in D4. The boss is a bandit and has powerful skills.

Resurrected Malice is a powerful green wraith boss who uses the souls of the dead on the battlefield in Diablo 4.

Scourage of the Land is a giant horned demon who uses a vast mace to attack in D4.

Seething Hivemaster resembles a giant creature that looks just like bugs in Diablo 4. The boss uses its large scythes to attack during the combats.

Slither is a giant grotesque creature with an upper body like a human and a lower one like the snake in Diablo 4. The monster relies on its arms for the offense.

Spiritcaller of Flames resembles a gigantic ghoulish shaman and uses fire along the undead to attack.

Spiritcaller of Frost comes from a family of large ghoulish shamans and relies on ice to damage to inflict damage in Diablo 4.

Spiritcaller of Squalls hails as a ghoulish shaman and uses lightning as a damage-dealing resource in Diablo 4.

The Butcher is a random boss that can appear in any dungeon in Diablo 4. He is extremely fast and does a lot of damage. He is meant to surprise and kill players in their early dungeon runs.

The Curator is a boss whose body is fully covered in giant skeleton armor in D4, so taking down this boss might take some time.

Tomb Lord is created through the combination of bones and sinew in Diablo 4. The boss uses staff and heavy armor to protect himself during battles.

Stronghold bosses in Diablo 4

Strongholds are areas on the map that have been overtaken by demons. You need to conquer each Stronghold to bring back the locals and unlock new waypoints, merchants, dungeons, and quests in Diablo 4.

Now each Stronghold has a boss at the end who must be defeated to clear the area. Some of these bosses are pretty timid, to say the least, but others can prove to be pretty strong. You are going to need to defeat all Strongholds bosses in Diablo 4 to unlock important dungeons for their aspects.

Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor, is the boss who holds the Tul Dulra stronghold in Diablo 4. You must defeat this boss to complete the Druid: Spirits of the Lost Grove quest.

Captain Ezmin holds the key to the Onyx Watchtower stronghold in Diablo 4. You need to defeat this boss to get rid of all the demons of this area and return it back to citizens in D4.

Crusader Champions is a team consisting of two ghostly Knights in Diablo 4. These knights will try to drag you out from the Crusaders’ Monument stronghold in D4, so you must defeat them to gain the area.

Dark Cardinal Maldul is the dark demon who rules over the Altar of Ruin stronghold in Diablo 4. You need to find all three keys and defeat the boss to turn the Altar of Ruins stronghold into a usual place.

Dianthus is present inside the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4. The boss is the biggest obstacle in the place and requires a good strategy for the battle.

You need to complete a few other objectives, such as survival through the cultist onslaught and destruction of the Serpent’s Eyes to fight the boss.  

Duz’agur, Eriman’s Bane, is the boss of the Eriman’s Pyre stronghold. You need to move through all the paths before encountering the boss at the base of the village statue.

Fionnir, The Mad Druid, resides in the depths of Moordaine Lodge stronghold in Diablo 4. You must find the missing hunters and defeat all the Fionnir beasts in D4 to clear this stronghold.

Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion, awaits your arrival at the end of Malnok stronghold in Diablo 4. You need to overcome all the obstacles laid on your path to reach the boss. Once there, go all out to bring the stronghold under your control in D4.

High Priestess Hadar resides inside the Omath’s Redoubt stronghold in Diablo 4. You need to explore every corner of the stronghold before finding the boss at the end of it.

Molqarth, The Hungerer, is the last obstacle in the Temple of Rot stronghold in Diablo 4. You can only reach the boss after taking down the Cannibal champions and finding Molqarth’s Lair in D4.

Negala, Lilith’s Chosen

Negala, Lilith’s Chosen, is encountered in the last area of the Nostrava stronghold in Diablo 4. You are required to investigate the activities of the Nostrava village and do several other tasks to find the boss at the end.  

Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop, resides in the Kor Dragon stronghold of Diablo 4. Once inside the stronghold, you need to destroy Vampiric corruptions and incubators before getting a chance at this stronghold boss in D4.  

Rashta Reborn holds the key to the Alcarnus stronghold in Diablo 4. You will have to defeat the Necrotic massers before fighting the Rashta Reborn in the stronghold.

Tidewitch Ne’gana needs to be defeated to conquer the Hope’s Light stronghold in Diablo 4. You have to survive the drowning assaults inside the stronghold before encountering the final boss in the stronghold.

Utulku, the Voice Below, is situated in the Ruins of Qara-Yisu stronghold in Diablo 4. You need to explore the area of the dungeon and demolish the Infernal Spires before fighting Utulku at the end of the Stronghold in D4.

World bosses in Diablo 4

The World Bosses are newly introduced in Diablo 4 that players can take on to earn rate loot and unique rewards. You will find these bosses at specific locations; players can team up to take them on in D4.

These bosses have specific spawn times and require players to have a certain level before the fight. Moreover, the players will get a warning sign on their screen 30 minutes before these bosses spawn.

Ashava The Pestilent comes from a race of demons, and the size of this creature is horrifying. The demon uses her massive forearms as blades and creates poisonous fields on the ground, inflicting severe damage on the people standing inside.  

Avarice, The Gold Cursed, is another world boss you can find by exploring the regions of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. The boss creates pools of gold to inflict AoE damage and throws treasure chests as punches.

The Wandering, Death, and Death Given Life is a boss located in the area of The Crucible in Diablo 4. You will get 15 minutes to defeat this gigantic world boss. The boss is made up of the skeleton and uses quick attacks to inflict maximum damage.

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