Diablo 4 Cyhrach, The First Born Boss Guide 

Cyhrach, the First Born is a buff and burly boss you'll encounter at the end of a side questin Diablo 4. He hits hard. Here's how to kill him

Cyhrach, the First Born is a side quest boss that the player will encounter around mid-to-end-game in Diablo 4. He is a large brute that wears a fur coat and is armed with a giant two-handed sledgehammer. His attacks are either a projectile or an AOE that is hard to dodge.  

The required level to beat this boss is Level 50 or above. Since this is a side quest boss, fighting him is optional. But the boss fight itself is not that hard so we recommend defeating him for loot and XP.  

Where to find Cyhrach, the First Born in Diablo 4 

Cyhrach is encountered during the “Call of the Ancients” side quest. This quest can be started by talking to the Chieftain who sits in the Bear Tribe Refuge. You’ll find this area located in the Fractured Peaks Region

Cyhrach boss location in Diablo 4

The boss fight itself takes place in the Hollowed Glacier dungeon which can be reached by traveling straight North from the Bear Tribe Refuge. We have marked the location on the image above for

How to defeat Cyhrach, the First Born in Diablo 4 

This boss can throw clusters of projectiles and a fast AOE attack. Therefore, relentless aggression can lead to a swift defeat. Rather, you need to fight at the right time to not take any unnecessary damage. Melee builds will have a relatively hard time against this boss if they don’t have any protection against it.

You need to dodge his projectiles by moving around and keeping an eye for the AOE windup animations. Following are the details about all of the moves: 


Triple Projectiles

Cyhrach simultaneously shoots 3 projectiles in your direction. These projectiles have no tracking capability and a slow velocity. Therefore, can be avoided easily by moving around.  

However, if are close to Cyhrach while he casts this move, you can potentially be hit by all of them which can devastating. This ability is telegraphed so make sure to be an optimal distance for dodging. 

Homing Orbs

The boss summons 5 sprits orbs and releases them in a radial direction. These orbs can track the player after being released and will continue for a few seconds. However, their turning speed is quite slow so you can easily maneuver them.  

Just make sure to stay on the move to avoid getting hit. If you are using a melee build, stay clear of the orbs as they are summoned.

Spirit Explosion 

This is an AOE attack that covers a fairly large area. This move is well-telegraphed but still hard to dodge as the windup is fast. Using movement skills like Evade is the best way to avoid this attack. 

If you are hit by this attack, any move that you are performing will be canceled and you will be knocked back by some distance. 

Cyhrach, the First Born rewards and loot 

Following is all the reward you will receive for killing Cyhrach, the First Born: 

  • Gold 
  • One item of varying rarity 
  • Elixir Cache 
  • Renown

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