Diablo 4 Vyeresz Stronghold Walkthrough

In the Vyeresz stronghold, you have to get rid of a group of cultists who worship a serpent god in Diablo 4.

The village of Vyeresz in Diablo 4 has been overcome by a cult that has led the entire town to be filled by the worshipers of a Serpent God. The Vyeresz Stronghold is a relatively late-game stronghold that sees you fight the serpent god Dianthus to rid the town of Vyeresz of this cult.

Conquering the Vyeresz Stronghold not only unlocks the Shadowed Plunge dungeon, but it is also one of the very few Strongholds in Diablo 4 that can be turned into a friendly settlement once you conquer it. Here you can then find side quests to complete, and vendors to buy items from.  

Where to find the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4

Make your way to the Toxic Fens to find the Vyeresz stronghold in Diablo 4. This is in the southern outskirts of the Hawezar region, from where you have to go all the way northeast to the Vyeresz village.

You can also use fast travel points to get to the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4. The first one you can use is close to the Ruins of Rakhat. You can travel there and head south to find it.

The second fast travel point can be found near Zabinzet. Head to that location and continue to travel in the eastern direction to find it.

How to complete Vyeresz in Hawezar

Once you find yourself in the Vyeresz village you’ll be given a few objectives that you’ll need to complete sequentially to complete the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4.


The recommended level for attempting the Vyeresz Stronghold is in the level 40 and above range. So you’ll need to wait quite a bit until the late game to attempt it.

Explore Vyeresz

As the village has been taken over by the followers of some Serpent God, you’ll meet some opposition from these snake creatures. So carefully navigate your way through the town area fighting them.

As you navigate your way through the village, you’ll eventually come across the Vyeresz Stronghold building in the heart of the town. You can identify it with a huge entrance door with serpent eyes i.e., the Serpent Eye Door.

You can then take this door as the entrance inside and then begin exploring the depths of the Vyeresz Stronghold.

Find and destroy the Serpent’s Eyes

There are three serpent eyes nearby that you have to find and destroy. That is how you open the entrance to the Vyeresz stronghold in Diablo 4.

The first one can be found right beside the door so approach it and click on it to destroy this eye statue. You can find the second eye statue by heading to the end of the path to the right of the Serpent Eye Door.

The enemies guarding the area will be the Vescir elite and other cultists that shouldn’t be much trouble to deal with. You can either fight them off or avoid them and head straight for the Serpent Eyes.

The third eye statue is guarded by the Rikrad elite who’ll you have to defeat before getting the chance to destroy the statue. Head to the northwestern side of the Vyeresz town area to find it.

Once all three serpent eyes are destroyed, return to the main door to start on your next objective.

Survive the Cultist onslaught

After you interact with the Serpent Eye Door, a timer will start indicating a 50-second survival time. You’ll be greeted with several waves of Longclaws who you’ll have to fend off until the timer ends. The waves get harder and harder, so you’ll need to be on your toes to survive.

A few cultists will also emerge from the first serpent eye tower’s location so swiftly take them out.

After the timer ends the door will open but you won’t get a chance to catch a breath as more Nagari Longfangs will join the battle, emerging from inside. You should be able to eliminate them easily.

Once all of them are taken care of, you can proceed inside the Vyeresz Stronghold.

Explore Vyeresz’s Temple Ruins

As enter you must continue on the path you are on. This will head in the southeast direction to a room with the Altar of Lilith. So, follow along with it and grab it.

Next, you’ll need to backtrack your steps to hop on the original path you were on. From there head toward the center of the stronghold to find the Healing Well. Take a chance now and get prepared to take on Dianthus the boss of this stronghold.

Slay Dianthus

Your next objective is slaying the huge Nangari Longclaw Serpent, Dianthus. You’ll need to be on the lookout for a few attacks. The first is a dash attack with its fangs that stuns you upon impact. You can easily avoid it by noticing its wind up.

The next move you should avoid is its area ripple attack that poisons you upon its explosion. You can avoid it by noticing the effect radius and rushing out of the harm.

You’ll have to look out for projectile attacks including its fangs and arms they are easily avoidable once you see the blood pools form on the ground.

Finally, Dianthus will also aid itself by spawning several smaller serpents during the entire fight. You can easily take them out regularly to keep the battle area clean.

Chip away at the boss’s health while maintaining your distance to take it out with relative ease.

Rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine to conquer Vyeresz

Once the boss is defeated you can backtrack toward the stronghold entrance and interact with the Wanderer’s Shrine and rekindle it to conquer the Vyeresz Stronghold in Diablo 4.

This will unlock Vyeresz as a settlement for you where you’ll be able to find side quests to complete, and vendors to buy items from. You will also unlock the Waypoint for Vyeresz to travel there.

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