Diablo 4 Nostrava Stronghold Walkthrough 

In Diablo 4, the Nostrava Stronghold has you purge a settlement from Lilith's cultists and get great loot. Here's how to do it!

The Nostrava Stronghold is one of those strongholds that will definitely give you a tough time when clearing in Diablo 4.

To visit this particular stronghold, you need to be above Level 18 in the game. Clearing the Nostrava Stronghold will earn you tons of loot and will act as a good farming site in Diablo 4.  

However, you will have to slay hordes of enemies which will include beasts, elite monsters, and cultists alike. Lastly, you will have to engage a trio of enemy bosses after which you will have cleared the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4. 

So if you are interested in learning how to clear the Nostrava Stronghold then we have got you covered in this Diablo 4 guide. 

Where to find the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4 

Nostrava stronghold map location in Diablo 4

The Nostrava Stronghold is situated on the Western side of the Fractured Peaks. It is located in the middle of the Desolate Highland and the Pallid Glade in Diablo 4. Similarly, you can also travel East from the Saraan Caldera area to reach this specific stronghold. 

Although the entry requirements for the Nostrava Stronghold are Level 18 and above, it’s best you visit after reaching level 30. This way you can easily defeat the enemies in that area and clear the Nostrava Stronghold.


Enter from the Southeastern side and open the gate to enter the stronghold in Diablo 4.  

How to complete the Nostrava Stronghold in Fractured Peaks  

Investigate the village 

Upon entering Nostrava you will find the streets empty, and the houses locked giving you the impression of a desolate place in Diablo 4.

Looking around the area you will find no person on the street. Head right towards the stairs where you will end up hearing the church bells at a distance. 

Speak with the Priestess 

Investigate the church area by moving toward the right end of the Nostrava stronghold and you will find it.

You can enter the church by opening the door and will find a Priestess at the other end. The room will also be surrounded by villagers and cultists alike in robes.  

Survive the Crazed Villager’s assault 

After you interact with the Priestess, she will openly declare her support for Lilith and declare you an enemy. Then there will be a demonic voice of the demon Negala followed by her cry.

The demon will order the cultists in the room to attack you. Hence, you will need to kill the Crazed Priest and all the villagers to clear that area in Diablo 4. 

Investigate villagers’ homes 

Having cleared the church you can then move out to find a lot of enemies in the surrounding area. These will include foes like the Flesh Thresher, Bilefiend, and Succubus which will keep attacking you throughout the Nostrava Stronghold.  

Deal with the ones around you and then go back to the way you came. Start investigating the villagers’ homes to find out what’s going on.

Enter the first house on the right side where you will face the demon Torvala (34) and Mother’s Disciple (31). There will be a lot of other demonic entities as well. 

You have to destroy the effigy here to proceed. So go ham on both the enemies and the effigy.

Destroy the Demonic Effigies 

There are Demonic Effigies present in all the villager’s houses and are increasing Lilith’s influence. They are what’s turning the villagers into cultists. 

Keeping that in mind you need to go to every house, break open the doors and enter them to eliminate the Demonic Effigies. You need to be careful as these effigies will be guarded by a lot of enemies which will make it hard for you to do so.

You need to destroy all five of these Demonic Effigies after which you will hear the church bells ringing again in Diablo 4. The locations of the houses with the effigies are marked on the map.

Return to the Chapel 

Once the effigies are destroyed, make your way back to the church. Use the healing well to regain your lost health along the way as well.

At the chapel, you will come face to face against the trio of enemy bosses. The leader of these will be Negala (32), who will be Lilith’s chosen.

This demon will be aided by two others known as Torvala (32) and Kozira (32). 

Defeat the bosses 

The final part of completing the Nostrava Stronghold will require you to defeat all of these three enemy bosses in Diablo 4. They will come at you altogether which will make it really hard to deal with them.

You need to evade their attacks as much as possible and wait for the right opening to attack them. Kozira will fire purple lightning bolts at you, Negala will shoot red lava attacks whereas Torvala will follow up by firing lightning and infernal attacks at you. 

As all these bosses will be at the same level so it will take some time to deal with them individually. So take your time and hit them hard with your AOE attacks. After a while, you will be successful in taking each of these out. 

Once you are done fighting and have cleared the area you can salvage the gold dropped by these demons along with other items.

Then you can proceed left and make your way to the Wanderer’s Shrine and interact with it. In doing so, you will receive a skill point along with unlocking the waypoint to the Nostrava Stronghold.  

Furthermore, on conquering the Nostrava Stronghold you will also find the Blacksmith on the West side. There will be a weapon vendor there as well.

After completing the stronghold, you’ll be able to access the Cultist Refuge dungeon which is present below the chapel in Diablo 4. 

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