Diablo 4 Brol, The Tyrant King Boss Guide

You will fight Brol, The Tyrant King during Act 3 in Diablo 4. He's a challenging boss with devastating attacks. Here's how to defeat him!

Brol, the Tyrant King is your biggest obstacle in the Descent Into Flame main quest during Act 3 of Diablo 4. This boss is not going to be an easy take for you as he is an aggressive one. The boss wields two weapons and performs attacks that can put you down quickly. You need a proper strategy to put this one down.

As such, we will be making a strategy for you using which you’ll be able to defeat Brol. But before that, it is vital to know where you have to go to encounter Brol, the Tyrant King. 

Where to find Brol, the Tyrant King in Diablo 4 

You will find Brol while progressing through the Descent Into Flame quest in Diablo 4. After receiving blessings from Baal and other characters, you need to reach the Temple of the Primes.   

This temple, also called a story dungeon, is located in the north section of Chambatar Ridge. To get there, you can reach the site by moving West from the Pallid Glade area. Alternatively, you can get there by going Northeast from the Jakha Basin.  

You need to follow the right path after entering the temple. Defeat all the enemies along the way before moving toward the Altar of Sacrifice. Here, after talking with Loreth, you will face off against Brol, the Tyrant King in Diablo 4. 

How to defeat Brol in Diablo 4 

You need to be on your feet to avoid Brol, the Tyrant King’s attacks to win this battle. The boss can perform a combination of attacks that can bring you down very quickly. Firstly, the enemy charges toward your position, smashing into the ground to inflict heavy damage. You must dodge after seeing a radius sign next to the boss. The symbol indicates the incoming attack.

Secondly, Brol can summon different minions and always does this after lifting his sword. This means you need to kill them as quickly as possible as they can overwhelm you.

Thirdly, Brol has a charge attack up his sleeves. With this attack, the boss will rush you to trample you and ends his attack with a slash. Both of these attacks combined can drain a substantial chunk of your health. So you need to dodge these by stepping on either side.  

The boss will keep repeating this pattern of attacks, so learn them and get as many hits as you can between them. With the progression of the fight, you will see a marker emerging next to the boss.

Now Brol will slam his blades in the ground to create multiple small-radius AOE attacks, and you need to avoid these circles. Moreover, there will be a small opening after the third attack from the boss. You can benefit from this by going behind the boss and using heavy damage attacks. 

Adjust yourself according to the attack patterns of the enemy to end the fight in your favor. And then you will earn the rewards of your hard work. 

Brol rewards and loot 

You will receive a good amount of gold and one magic and one rare gear item after defeating Brol, the Tyrant King in Diablo 4. Apart from that, you also move ahead with the conclusion of the Descent Into Flame quest. 

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