Diablo 4 Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion Boss Guide

Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion is a huge hulking boss with ice based attacks. They can do a lot of damage. To help yourself, read this guide!

While going through the Malnok Stronghold in Diablo 4, you will encounter the Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion boss. This will be a giant creature that utilizes a colossal Axe and resembles a satyr. You need to bring this boss down to complete the Malnok Stronghold and bring peace back. 

The boss can be a little tricky if you throw yourself into the battle without any strategy. To that end, we’ll be teaching you all you need to defeat this boss.

Where to find Frosthorn, Ice Clan Champion, in Diablo 4 

Make your way toward the Malnok area to find the stronghold. Make your way through it killing the various enemies along the way and find the boss at the end. Frosthorn is on the North side of the Malnok Stronghold. You can reach there in several ways. 

Frosthorn map location in Diablo 4

You can move South from the Lonely Drifts to reach the area. Alternatively, you can go West from the Altar of Martyrdom to get to the stronghold. Both these directions will take you precisely toward the Malnok area.

How to defeat Frosthorn in Diablo 4 

The key to defeating Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion is dodging and resisting his attacks in Diablo 4. The boss can perform three attacks you can easily dodge by being a little cautious in the arena. 

Frosthorn swings his large Axe to bring some frozen projectiles that can cause you some damage. He will also perform a jump attack, and you can avoid both by moving away from the impact location. 


Moreover, the boss can also create frost pools by lifting his axe in the air. Initially, single pools will start popping randomly in the battlefield area. Over time, the pools will expand on all sides of the area. So you must be careful because you can get frozen after contact.

You need to bring out your strongest attacks against the boss. Try to attack him right after he uses the spells during the combat. Once defeated, you can move Northeast to interact with the shrine. This completes the Malnok Stronghold.

Frosthorn rewards and loot 

Apart from the conquered Stronghold, you will get a decent amount of gold and several rare and magic gear items in Diablo 4. These are randomized but will generally be worth all the trouble you went through.

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