How To Defeat Molqarth, The Hungerer In Diablo 4

Molqarth, the Hungerer is an imposing figure in Diablo 4 and his weapon of choice is Morning Star. He wields...

Molqarth, the Hungerer is an imposing figure in Diablo 4 and his weapon of choice is Morning Star. He wields two of them in separate hands to inflict maximum physical damage. Molqarth also shoots poison darts from his body that create pools of poison on impact.

This barbarian hides a nasty secret in his body which turns this fight into a nightmare at the end. We have created a detailed guide explaining how you can defeat the deadly Molqarth boss in Diablo 4.

Where to find Molqarth, the Hungerer in Diablo 4

Molqarth, the Hungerer is a giant Barbarian class boss who dwells in the bowels of the Temple of Rot stronghold. The Temple of Rot is in the Dry Steppes region, one of the harshest places in Diablo 4.

To get to the stronghold, you have the option to use two waypoints in Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4. Both the Alzuuda waypoint in Fields of Hatred and the Jirandai waypoint can take you to the Temple of Rot stronghold.

You don’t have to fight Molqarth as part of the main story but if you wish to conquer the Temple of Rot stronghold, defeating Molqarth in Diablo 4 is a requirement. Once at the stronghold, complete the objectives and Molqarth will spawn at the end.

How to defeat Molqarth in Diablo 4

The fight against Molqarth, the Hungerer takes place in two phases. During the first phase, Molqarth attacks the players with dual-wielded morning stars. This attack has perfect tracking and can follow the players even if they move to the back of the boss. The only way to avoid this attack is by dodging at the perfect time.


Molqarth, the Hungerer summons pools of poison beneath him with each morning star strike. The area of the poison pool is large, and it rapidly builds up poison damage on the players. The only way to avoid getting poisoned is to move away from Molqarth. He will abandon the poison pool to follow the players.

Perhaps the most devastating attack by Molqarth in Diablo 4 is the wave slash. Molqarth generates three sets of waves with his morning stars and throws them towards the players. The first two waves are split in the middle allowing the players a safe area in the center.

The final wave travels in a straight line and the only way to avoid it is by dodging to the side. This attack causes massive damage to the players if they get hit by any wave.

Molqarth spawns a lot of recovery items through the arena to heal himself. This drags the first phase for way too long. Get close to Molqarth and hit him until he summons a pool of poison. Run away and bait him to another clear area. Repeat the process until Molqarth’s health is drained completely.

This is not a time to celebrate your victory as Spawn of Molqarth will appear from his dead body. This spider-like creature has similar move set with a few new additions. Spawn of Molqarth also summons poison pools throughout the arena by shooting poison projectiles from its body.

Luckily, they are placed at regular intervals and can be avoided easily. Spawn of Molqarth uses his claws to deliver slash attacks to the players. Due to Spawn’s fast speed and ability to cover the distance between the players and itself quickly, evading this attack becomes a real nuisance.

Spawn of Molqarth also summons a poison pool beneath it when the players try to attack it. The strategy for the pool remains the same. Move away from the boss and lure him towards you. The worst part about this phase are the flies. They spawn non-stop and surround Spawn of Molqarth.

The pack of flies attacks anyone who comes near this monstrosity. At this point, the fight turns really chaotic. Just keep your distance and attack by luring the Spawn of Molqarth away from the poison pools.

Another attack that can one-shot most of the players is a ground pound. The Spawn of Molqarth in Diablo 4 jumps in the air and slam near the players. Due to its perfect tracking, the slam attack is almost impossible to avoid unless you can dodge it at the perfect time (to the sides only).

The slam attack also creates a small AoE explosion that causes additional damage to the players. In case of direct contact, this attack can reduce players’ HP by more than 80%.

Molqarth, the Hungerer is one of the most difficult boss fights in Diablo 4. His spawn in the second phase has attacks that can change the whole fight in its favor. We recommend investing in defensive stats and equipping additional speed gear affixes, as Molqarth has more movement speed than all characters’ classes.

Sorcerer and Necromancer are a perfect fit for this fight due to their ranged attacks and ability to summon allies during the fight. Follow this guide and we assure you of a victory over Molqarth, the Hungerer.

After defeating both Molqarth and his spawn, interact with the Wanderer’s Shrine to liberate the Temple of Rot stronghold.

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