Diablo 4 Ninsa, Blight Of Hatred Boss Guide

Ninsa in Diablo 4 is a difficult boss that uses her wings for mobility. She also summons powerful minions. Here's how to kill her!

Ninsa, Blight of Hatred is a difficult boss to tackle in Diablo 4. She is a winged creature and uses them for both defense and offense. Ninsa’s boss fight is the main quest and thus cannot be skipped. You’ll take her on in the “In Desolation’s Wake” quest in Act VI.

Defeating her is necessary for advancing the storyline. As such, read on below to find out how you can defeat Ninsa in Diablo 4. 

Where to find Ninsa, Blight of Hatred in Diablo 4 

Ninsa is the main boss of the storyline quest In Desolation’s Wake. The quest is located in the Burning Hells. You need to be at least level 49 to take on this quest.

Ninsa can be found near the start of the quest at the yellow circle on the map below. Later she will move to the red circle.

Ninsa map locations in Diablo 4

When you start the quest, you will be accompanied by Donan, Lorath, and Neyrelle. They will provide you with cover and assist you in your battle against Ninsa.

How to defeat Ninsa in Diablo 4 

During the boss fights with Ninsa, there will be a lot of smaller monsters that will fight alongside her.


You will be accompanied by allies but they only act as the supporting role in the fight. The fight with Ninsa has two parts and we will look into both of them. 

Phase 1

The boss fight takes place in a small room. Your allies will not follow you at this time and you will have to deal with everything alone.

Take out the Soul Burners first to damage Ninsa. She will be in a globe and she will shoot fireballs in your direction. They will indicate the area of effect before hitting the ground.  

Before you kill the last Soul Burner, she will come out of her shield and come to attack you. She will throw blue fireballs at you.

During the fight, you will be swarmed with Spawns of the Damned continuously so make sure you have AOE skills selected to deal with them. 

After you have whittled her health down to 75% of his original health. She will run away from the room and the fight will temporarily be over. 

Phase 2

When you leave the room, you will rendezvous with your team. Now, as you move forward, you will be ambushed by Karum, Hound of Hatred.

He is a giant creature with a sword and he swings it near you and your allies. He can easily be defeated and you can then move on.

After tackling some enemies you will find a large hall and in there, the remaining fight with Ninsa will start. 

Here you will be ambushed by many Sin Eaters and Spawns of the Damned. When you will be dealing with them, Ninsa will rain down a volley of flaming rocks. Luckily, your allies will put up a shield and protect you. 

Later she will arrive alongside Balrogs, The Annihilator, Sin Eaters, and Spawns of the Damned. She will also periodically rain down fireballs on you.

The best way to deal with Ninsa in this fight is to leave her and kill all her summons first. She does not deal a lot of damage and you can deal with her in the end.

Ninsa rewards and loot 

When you defeat Ninsa, you will be rewarded with gold as well as 1 to 3 rare items. She doesn’t drop a lot of gold and you’ll need to rely on the gold you picked up from minions.

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