Diablo 4 Captain Ezmin Boss Guide

You will find Captain Ezmin as the boss of Onyx Watchtower in Diablo 4. He's stealthy, uses AOE attacks and minions. Here's how to kill him!

You will encounter Captain Ezmin in Diablo 4 while clearing out the Onyx Watchtower stronghold. He is the boss of the stronghold who relies on stealth abilities and is reinforced by minions during combat. The Captain uses a dagger for attacks and can call Marauders to lend a hand against you in Diablo 4. 

He is an optional boss that is not a part of any main quest. This means that there is no compulsion to defeat him, but doing so will give you tons of rewards.

So if you are up for the task, you can locate Captain Ezmin at a particular location. 

Where to find Captain Ezmin in Diablo 4 

You can find Captain Exmin in the area of The Onyx Watchtower in Diablo 4. This particular boss is the last enemy you’ll defeat in the area’s stronghold. As such, expect him to put up a fight. You need to put him down to bring peace to this area.  

Captain Ezmin map location in Diablo 4

To reach Captain Ezmin, move West from the Wayfarer’s Folly area or north from the Bluffs of Olzei. Both these pathways will take you toward the desired location. Once inside the stronghold, explore the site to fight Captain Ezmin. 

How to defeat Captain Ezmin in Diablo 4 

Captain Ezmin can become a headache because of his ability to go invisible during the fight in Diablo 4. You cannot target him at that time, so you need to use area-of-effect abilities and stunners to engage him during this time.

You also need to watch the firebombs that Captain Ezmin can use to deal massive damage. He also uses his ability to unleash around 5-6 bombs from the sky. You need to stay quick on your feet as the bombs drop quickly. Get away from the circles as soon as possible to nullify the attempts of the boss.  

Moreover, Ezmin uses several minions during the combat, and you’ll need to take them down before focusing your attacks on the Captain. It shouldn’t be too hard to drain Captain Ezmin’s health in Diablo 4, you just need to avoid his attacks. 

Captain Ezmin rewards and loot 

After defeating the boss, interact with the Wanderer’s Shrine to bring peace to this area. Apart from this, the boss also drops a few rare and magic gear items. You also get to bag some gold as loot, so taking on the boss is a fun and worthy experience in the game. 

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