Diablo 4 Amalgam Of Rage Gestation Boss Guide

The Amalgam of Rage Gestation is a tricky boss in Diablo 4 that you won't be able to attack from the start. Here is the strategy to kill him!

The Amalgam of Rage Gestation is a challenging boss encountered during the Fangs of Corruption quest during Act 2 in Diablo 4. The boss resembles a Cerebrus-like beast and can become a headache if you are not going into the battle with a strategy.

He will be encountered inside the Shrouded Moors. Although the game takes you to the place where you fight him, you can still get lost on the way. As such, we’ll be telling you the location of the Amalgam of Rage Gestation and how you can put it down.

Where to find Amalgam of Rage Gestation in Diablo 4 

You need to reach the Shrouded Moors area by moving North from the Highland Wilds in Diablo 4. The pathway will take you toward the Heart of the Moors area. From here, move West toward the Untamed Thicket Dungeon in Scosglen. 

Amalgam of Rage Gestation map location in Diablo 4

The boss is linked with a main story quest, so you will eventually encounter your enemy by progressing. Once you reach the area, the fight will start, and you need to defeat Amalgam of Rage Gestation giving it everything you’ve got. 

How to defeat Amalgam of Rage Gestation in Diablo 4 

Once you reach the arena, you will find the Amalgam in an invulnerable state in Diablo 4. The enemy’s health bar will start filling slowly. Several other creatures, such as Winter Hunters and Werewolves, will attack you. 

Before diverting your attention toward the boss, you must first defeat all the incoming enemies. Use your most powerful attacks to defeat them quickly, as the boss will spawn after accumulating some health. 

At 1/4th of health Amalgam will become vulnerable, and its skill set is quite similar to the wargs. The boss will bite you if you get too close and pounce at you from a long range. Apart from these, the boss can also summon different minions against you. You need to stick with your strategy of killing the minions and attacking the boss afterward. 

Amalgam can unleash claw attacks that can inflict massive damage, so you need to dodge those. Get behind the boss and land your highest-damaging attacks for maximum effect. 

When the boss reaches 1/8th health, you will hear Lilith’s voice, and the boss will run away from the battle. This will mark the successful completion of the fight, and you will receive your rewards. 

Amalgam of Rage Gestation rewards and loot 

You can quickly complete the Fangs of Corruption quest after defeating Amalgam in Diablo 4. The successful conclusion of the fight and quest lands you 1750 gold and 15,652 XP and the opportunity to get 1 or 2 rarity gear items. So the rewards are worth all the effort. 

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