Diablo 4 Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop Boss Guide

Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop is a vampiric boss with devastating attacks. You'll find him at the Kor Dragon stronghold. Here is how to kill him!

Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop is a boss you will encounter in Diablo 4. He is a vampire who focuses heavily on blood attacks. Although Nilcar is an optional boss, you will receive several rewards including gear for defeating him.

Taking him down can be difficult for many players, especially melee builds. Today we will be showing you how to defeat Nilcar. 

Where to find Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop in Diablo 4 

Nilcar is the boss of the Kor Dragon Stronghold. Your character needs to be at least level 25 to take on this stronghold. If they are not, they will die in two or fewer hits.

After reaching the required level, you can head over to the Northern part of the Sarkova Pass. It is in the Northeast part of the Menestad Waypoint. This will lead you to the Kor Drgaon Stronghold with the boss inside. 

Nilcar map location in Diablo 4

You will eventually reach the room next to the church after defeating all the Vampiric Incubators. Here, you will have to destroy the Vampiric Abberation to expose the hallway leading to a room. This is where you will fight Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop.  

How to defeat Nilcar in Diablo 4 

Regardless of the lack of attacks in Nilcar’s arsenal, he is still one of the most difficult bosses to defeat in Diablo 4. During this fight, he will use two attacks: Blood Pallets and Blood Projectiles.  

He will flush blood from the ground to target you and bombard you with projectiles. Following these attacks, the boss will summon multiple Sanguine Knights.

These are formidable enemies themselves with devastating attacks. The best strategy here is to kill each Sanguine Knight as it is summoned before focusing on Nilcar.  

Once you have defeated all the minions, run across the area to dodge the projectiles. Then close up and follow it up with counter-attacks on Nilcar, Forgotten Bishop.  

Nilcar rewards and loot 

After managing to defeat the Nilcar, Forgetter Bishop in Diablo 4, you will receive a decent amount of gold. You will also get randomized Rare and Magic gears as a reward.  

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