Diablo 4 Alcarnus Stronghold Walkthrough

In the Alcarnus stronghold, you must find a way to defeat Rashta and a group of Necrotic Masses in Diablo 4.

The Alcarnus Stronghold is one of the many fortified, enemy-overridden places in Diablo 4. This stronghold is really the one players should go for if they’re looking for an action-packed adventure.

Additionally, players returning from Diablo 3 are also in for a little surprise in this Stronghold, since this is the same place where Deckard Cain was murdered.

History aside, the Alcarnus Stronghold is now faced with a new problem – Necrotic Masses. It is up to you to defeat the Necrotic Masses and the boss to free the Alcarnus Stronghold from its horrors and gain exciting rewards.

Where to find the Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4

Alcarnus Stronghold map location in Diablo 4

The Alcarnus stronghold is located right in the center of the sandy Kehjistan region of Diablo 4. It is surrounded by several points of interest, so you can reach the stronghold from just about any one of them.

The nearest town is Zarbinzet. You can fast-travel there and then make your way northwest to reach Alcarnus. If you decide to approach the stronghold from the north, such as from the Altar of Ruin stronghold, you will still have to pass through the Scouring Sands.

Remember that the minimum required level to enter this Stronghold is level 45, so make sure that you save it for later if you haven’t hit that mark yet. However, if you are level 45 or above, note that the enemies will always be two levels above you.


How to complete Alcarnus in Kehjistan

Right as you step foot into the Alcarnus Stronghold, you will be met with a group of Necrotic Masses. The special thing about these enemies is that they don’t take any damage – not yet at least.

For now, you can just leave them be and make your way forward into the Lair of the Witch. Here you find a Necromancer that goes by the name of Rashta. You might remember this place from Diablo 3 when you faced Maghda here.

Defeat Rashta and the Necrotic Masses

The fight against Rashta and her minions may initially look easy but once you have done enough damage, Rashta will escape. When she flees, you will be left to deal with the Necrotic Masses by yourself – only this time, they are vulnerable to your attacks.

Defeating one of the Necrotic Masses will cause the others to swarm around you. They will also include clones of Rashta and a Simulacrum.

It would be best to use AoE and Crowd Control against the three waves of enemies. Since they all swarm around you, these types of attacks will get rid of them quickly and efficiently.

Once the room is clear, make your way back to the Lair of the Witch for the final act. You must now face the main boss of the Alcarnus Stronghold in Diablo 4.

Defeat Rashta Reborn

Your second fight against Rashta (now called Rashta Reborn) is going to be much different. She is now much more powerful than before, and can really give you a run for your money if you aren’t careful enough.

Paying attention to her moveset this time will be crucial for victory since she has a lot more moves in her arsenal now, ones that can kill you instantly.

Rashta Reborn can summon minions to aid her in battle. Though these minions aren’t that strong to pose much of a threat, they can become a nuisance if they are a lot in number. Getting rid of them is easy though, as all you really need to eliminate them are Crowd Control attacks.

Aside from minions, the boss can also use projectiles that cover a lot of range and deal a lot of damage. However, these projectiles follow a star pattern, which means that there are some spots left uncovered.

All you have to do to avoid these projectiles is to keep mobile and look for safe spots in between them. Try to slip into them in time, for which you must be a bit far away from Rashta Reborn.

This is why it’s safe to keep a distance from her. You will only be able to land a few hits after closing the distance in from time to time. Sometimes, Rashta Reborn also stops for a second to collect blood from the surroundings to charge her projectiles.

The real problem starts when the boss stops taking damage and becomes temporarily invincible. At this point, she starts summoning Simulacra like crazy. Your best bet to get out of this situation is to target the spawns with everything you’ve got, especially AoE and CC attacks.

Once the boss Reborn becomes vulnerable again, you can continue using the same strategy as before – dodge and use AoE attacks – until Rashta Reborn is finally felled.

Alcarnus Stronghold rewards

After defeating Rashta Reborn and freeing the Alcarnus Stronghold from the shackles of the Necrotic Masses, you stand to gain a lot of rewards. Aside from the tons of XP and gold already, you also earn 100 Renown Points.

You may even get a Legendary Item drop from defeating the boss if you’re having a good day, but you’ll still get a couple of rare items.

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