Diablo 4 Karum, Hound Of Hatred Boss Guide

Karum, Hound of Hatred is one of the many bosses you'll fight in Act 6 in Diablo 4. He has simple but strong attacks. Here's how to kill him!

The claymore-wielding demon, Karum also known as the Hound of Hatred, is fought during the In Desolation’s Wake main quest. This takes place during the Act 6 of Diablo 4. 

You’ll need to fight off this demon to protect and buy time for Neyrelle. She will be busy dispelling the flame barriers and clearing the way forward. As with all bosses in the game, you’ll need to know what he’s capable of to effectively fight him.

We will now show you how to find and defeat Karum, Hound of Hatred in Diablo 4.

Where to find Karum, Hound of Hatred in Diablo 4 

burning hells and Karum location in diablo 4

Karum, Hound of Hatred in Diablo 4 is fought as an objective during the In Desolation’s Wake quest. This is a main quest which means your fight against this boss is mandatory.

There will be other bosses that you’ll fight in this quest. But right now we’re concerned with Karum.

In Desolation’s Wake quest only becomes available to play after you finish the previous main quest, Essence of Hatred. You’ll need to venture to the Burning Hells for both quests and where you’ll also fight Karum, Hound of Hatred. 

After you reach the Burning Hells, you’ll need to interact with Donan and speak with him to start the quest.

How to defeat Karum in Diablo 4 

Your battle against Karum will take place in the same area where you would have fought Ninsa, Blight of Hatred. The battle arena will have turned into a minefield. You’ll need to steer clear of them so as to not get damaged. 

The key to winning this boss fight is ensuring that you understand what kind of punishment Karum can lay down on you. You can then accordingly work out countermeasures. 

There are only two attacks you really need to worry about right up until the end of the fight.

The first attack that you need to keep your eyes on is just a base melee attack which he delivers by swinging away his huge claymore. You can avoid it by judging the wind-up of the swing. 

The second attack to watch out for consists of a series of ranged fireball strikes that fire out forming a Y-shape. This attack however takes longer to fire off. You can predict when it is about to come by looking out for the Red and Black streaks appearing below him. 

Continue to chip away at Karum’s health between his attacks. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where all his health will deplete down to the very end.

When this happens, he will unleash a final flurry of attacks, where he fires off the fireballs but these will explode afterward. Dodge these and finish off the boss fight.

Karum rewards and loot 

After you have slain the boss, Karum, Hound of Hatred in Diablo 4 you receive a few rewards for defeating him. You will receive a good amount of gold along with one gear Item of a random rarity as well as a Rare rarity gear Item. 

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