How To Defeat Tidewitch Ne’gana In Diablo 4

Tidewitch Ne’gana is among the stronghold bosses in Diablo 4 that players need to defeat to liberate those areas. Tidewitch...

Tidewitch Ne’gana is among the stronghold bosses in Diablo 4 that players need to defeat to liberate those areas. Tidewitch Ne’gana is a colossal enemy who belongs to the witch category. Being massive in size and appearance, she uses a giant mace to inflict physical damage to players.

Despite her bulky appearance, Tidewitch Ne’gana is agile and covers the distance between her and players in an instant. Taking on this monstrosity is a massive task in Diablo 4 but don’t be afraid. Our guide will help you deal with Tidewitch Ne’gana with ease and emerge victorious.

Where to find Tidewitch Ne’gana in D4

Tidewitch Ne’gana is the final boss of Hope’s Light stronghold in Diablo 4. The stronghold is located on the Northwestern edge of the Scosglen region. The stronghold can be easily spotted on the map, even if you haven’t discovered the area as it sticks out, completely separated from the rest of the landmass like an island.

Getting to the boss area is simple, fast travel to Marowen waypoint in Scosglen and then make your way to the stronghold. Complete its objectives and you will have to find Ne’gana at the end.

Hope’s Light is one of the easiest strongholds to complete with you just having to finish a couple of objectives on broken-down ships before Tidewitch Ne’gana spawns.

How to Defeat Tidewitch Ne’gana in Diablo 4

Tidewitch Ne’gana has only one phase throughout the whole fight. During this phase, she summons a lot of puddles in the arena. These puddles slow down the players if they step on them and summon wretches additionally.

Diablo 4 Tidewitch Ne'gana boss

These summoned wretches attack players with projectiles (mostly poison) from a distance. Wretches have a small health pool and they don’t offer any threat as a standalone enemy. However, with the number on their sides, the summoned wretches can overwhelm the players and distract them from the ultimate prize, Tidewitch Ne’gana. Kill as many wretches as possible as soon as they spawn.

Standing on the puddle causes it to burst with a powerful water splash attack. This attack causes a lot of damage to the players and can Knock them Down. The primary attack used by Tidewitch Ne’gana is the mace swing. This attack has a gigantic hit-box and it covers half of the screen. The swing attack is always followed by a wave that Knocks Back the players even if they block this attack.

Swing attacks can be dodged. Use this opportunity to move to the back of Tidewitch Ne’gana, which protects the players from the wave attack in addition to giving them ample time to dish out some damage.

Don’t stay on Tidewitch Ne’gana’s back for long as she can damage you with a backward swing. Tidewitch Ne’gana also slams her mace on the ground creating waves that can push the players backward.

Tidewitch Ne’gana’s lack of attacks is compensated with her insane attack power and massive health pool. She is a very dangerous foe against melee classes like Barbarian. The only to defeat her is to move across the arena constantly and take down her minions in the process.

Increase stats that grant you additional attack power, and invest heavily in summoning and defensive skills. Diablo 4 Sorcerers and Necromancers have an edge against this boss because of their agile natures and ability to strike from a distance.

Diablo 4 Tidewitch Ne'gana

This all seems a bit overwhelming but we assure you a guaranteed victory over Tidewitch Ne’gana if you follow our guide to a tee. After defeating Tidewitch Ne’gana, climb the stairs in the arena and light the torch. Interact with the wanderer’s shrine to conquer Hope’s Light stronghold. It also unlocks the Flooded Depths dungeon in the area where you defeated the witch.

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