Diablo 4 Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane Boss Guide

Duz'Agur, Erimun's Bane is a magic based boss in Diablo 4. You'll find him at the end of Erimun's Pyre. Here's how to kill him!

You are going to encounter the Diablo 4 Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane boss while clearing the Eriman’s Pyre stronghold in the game. The boss relies on magical powers and has a ghostly appearance. There are several different attacks that Duz’Agur can perform against your character. And these will whittle away your health quickly. So you need equipment that resists them.

Of course, the game will reward you handsomely for defeating this boss. But before you can do so, you need to get locate Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane. 

Where to find Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane, in Diablo 4 

You need to reach Eriman’s Pyre stronghold to fight off Duz’Agur. He is the boss of this stronghold and you need to defeat him to reclaim this area.

Duz'Agur map location in Diablo 4

Make your way West from the Writhing Mire to reach the Tszava’s Slough area. From here, head further North to get to the boss’ area. Once you are inside, prepare for a tough fight as Duz’Agur certainly won’t make it easy for you.

How to defeat Duz’Agur in Diablo 4 

You can take down Duz’Agur by avoiding his magical attacks in Diablo 4. The boss performs a targeted spell that you can avoid by simply following its trail on the ground. You must keep your distance from the marked location, as the spell can quickly drain your health. So the best counter is to keep moving away from the area and find a safe spot to catch your breath. 

Secondly, Duz’Agur releases a large AOE fire attack on different sides of the battlefield. The fire becomes deadly in the short-melee range, so you must maintain distance from the boss.  

Lastly, the boss sometimes raises his hands to release fireballs from the center of the combat area. However, this move makes Duz’Agur vulnerable to your attacks, so you should make the most out of this situation. You do not have to worry about the falling fireballs, so stay on the offensive and finish him off. 

Duz’Agur rewards and loot 

The defeat of Duz’Agur opens the Eriman’s Pyre stronghold for you. You can now move toward the northwest section of the area and interact with the Wanderer’s Shrine. This will bring peace to the site, and the people will return to this area.  

Apart from the stronghold, you also get some gold along with some magic and rare gear items in Diablo 4. So all the trouble is worth it in the end. 

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