Diablo 4 X’fal, The Scarred Baron Boss Guide 

X'fal, the Scarred Baron is the first boss you'll fight in Diablo 4. He's nothing special but still challenging. Here's how to kill him!

X’fal, the Scarred Baron is one of the bosses that you will encounter during the main story as you begin Diablo 4. He is a large demon that wears armor and is armed with a massive mace. He can deal devastating damage on a direct hit. Most of X’fal’s attacks have a large hitbox so you have to be quick with your dodges.   

In this guide, we will cover the method of defeating X’fal and where to find him. 

Where to find X’fal in Diablo 4: 

Fighting X’fal is compulsory as it’s part of the main storyline. You will encounter this boss during the Prologue Act.

This boss fight takes place in the Darkness Within quest in the Icehowl Ruins Dungeon located in the Fractured Peaks Region. You need to be at least level 2 to enter this dungeon.   

The boss’s room is not that hard to find. You just need to follow the dungeon’s natural path. There will be a lot of enemies along the way, but they can be easily dealt with considering this is the prologue section.  

You will make your way through the dungeon by clearing all the rooms and will show up at the healing well. You will encounter a severed dead body of a priest. The boss battle will begin after you interact with the said corpse.  


How to defeat X’fal in Diablo 4

X’fal has a lot of AOE attacks. Therefore, you need to be quick on your feet. All of his attacks are well telegraphed so you can dodge them with decent reflexes. He swings his colossal mace in a sweeping motion. This attack has a large windup so you can see it coming.  

He can also throw fire projectiles at you in between his mace attacks. These can be easily avoided using your evade skill.

X’fal also places magic circles on the ground to cause large fire explosions. The magic circle will appear well before the actual explosion so you can get away easily. However, if you are hit by one of these explosions, a vulnerable effect will be inflicted on you. 

He can also summon Hell Stormers which are essentially normal enemies that you are used to fighting in dungeons. Whenever they are summoned by X’fal, dispatch them quickly to avoid annoyance.  

X’fal rewards and loot 

Defeating X’fal, the Scarred Baron will complete the Darkness Within quest. You will be rewarded with a few common items, 300 Gold, and 1505 XP points.

The items include a common short sword, three potion charges, a common crossbow, and a pair of common hide pants.  

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