How To Defeat Crusader Champions In Diablo 4

Strongholds in Diablo 4 are a great place to visit if you are short on money, renown, or rare items....

Strongholds in Diablo 4 are a great place to visit if you are short on money, renown, or rare items. Crusader Champions is a trio of ghostly Knights that block your way to gaining control of the Crusaders’ Monument Stronghold. The Crusader Champions boss encounter in Diablo 4 is the final boss fight of the stronghold so be prepared for the challenge.

Crusader Champions boss location

Crusader Champions reside as spirits in the Crusader’s Monument, in the Hawezar region. It is situated on the outskirts of Scouring Sands and Dismal Foothills.

Make sure to have at least level 35 before going to the place, as it is required for surviving in this area.

How to clear Crusader’s Monument Stronghold

As the name suggests, the scenes at the stronghold show nothing but the deadly remains of the old Crusader battles and their effects.  Once you reach the Monument, there will be a cluster of undead creatures wandering inside the space. Slaying these enemies will lead you to the next step in summoning the Champions.

Having cleared out the bunch of enemies at the starting phase, you will need to head to the middle part of the stronghold. Here, you will be facing the dead body of a Graverobber placed beside a huge Ritual Brazier.

It is time to take out the swarm of the undead here and then interact with the lying body. This interaction will earn you an Exhumed Crusader’s Skull. This is the first step toward the first objective necessary to be completed before encountering the legendary champions.

As you acquire the skull, Sir Trystan’s spirit will come in flesh and start attacking. He assumes that you are the same greedy graverobber that wanted to vandalize the corpses of his comrades only for material gains.

After defeating him with rather ease, you need to proceed further to explore the remaining corpses and acquire the remaining Crusader’s Skulls, making it a 3.

Your second objective is to take all the gathered skulls at the central Brazier and perform a Skull Purification Ceremony. As there are three of them, the procedure also should be done three times.

With every procedure, a Champion’s Spirit comes out from the realm of the dead, not in the moving state though. They will start moving only after you have successfully finished the whole skull purifying ceremony.

How to defeat Crusader Champions in Diablo 4

At the starting phase of the battle, only the spirit of Sir Thom will be active for attacks. As time passes while you both confront each other, the remaining champions will also come out of their sleep session and join the fight. You will probably be able to take care of Sir Thom in a few strikes, so the situation to tackle all three of them will surely not take place. Simply avoid his linear shield attacks, and you will easily be the winner in this fight.

Next in the battle will be Dame Maryam, a champion of different gender but with strong battle prowess and experience. She is a ranged attacker, who tries to deal minor destruction with her distant projectile attacks without even having to touch her enemies. She can also teleport to different locations within the area, but that’s not anything to be worried about as her next positions are quite trackable.

As you are fighting with the second champion, Sir Morholt also joins the party. You now have to confront two of the Crusader’s Champions at once. Similar to his late friend Thom, Sir Morholt possesses a shield and a spear as his primary weapons. Try to avoid taking a direct hit from his energy attacks.

After successfully taking out all the Crusader’s Champions, climb down the stairs. Examining the Wanderer’s Shrine a few steps ahead will mark your complete victory and control over the once-invincible Stronghold. The major reward you get, other than some rare gear items, is the same as conquering all strongholds on the map, which is, 100 Renown for their region.

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