Diablo 4 Lilith Boss Guide

Lilith is the final boss of Diablo 4. You need to defeat her to start your endgame content such as high-level dungeons at higher difficulty.

Lilith, the Creator of Sanctuary, is an incredibly challenging boss to defeat in Diablo 4. Chances are that you are here because your character (or party) was ground to dust by her just a few moments ago.

She has several attacks that you need to absolutely avoid. There are also a few requirements that you should fulfill before chasing her into the Burning Hells.

The following guide will explain Lilith’s every attack, how to avoid or dodge them, how to counterattack, and how to finally defeat her in Diablo 4.

Where to find Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary, in Diablo 4

Lilith is the final boss of Diablo 4, so you are naturally going to face her at the end of the main storyline.

This boss fight is going to be part of the What Lies Ahead quest in Act 6. You only need to follow the main story quests until you have to escape Lilith’s nightmare.

Following that, you will be able to go after the Mother of Sanctuary in the Cathedral of Hatred thanks to Mephisto who will open a portal to the Burning Hells.

Mephisto's portal to Lilith in Diablo 4

Lilith awaits on her Throne of Hatred in D4, but keep in mind that this is a level 45 boss fight. That being said, you are strongly advised to take on the final Lilith boss after hitting level 50 because of how tough she can be.

At level 50, Lilith will be level 49. That does not mean she will be a pushover, but being a level higher will increase your chances of survival and victory.

How to defeat Lilith in Diablo 4

The Blessed Mother is unlike any other boss fight in Diablo 4. You need to come fully prepared, which means there is more to do than just meet the recommended level requirement.

Make sure that all of your gear is fully upgraded with the best gems and that your potions are full. Next, bring some useful elixirs with you. Lilith does a lot of fire/burning damage, so it is wise to have elixirs that give you fire resistance.

Lastly, have a good AOE skill fully upgraded in your skill slot. This is because you will be fighting Lilith as well as her minions throughout the boss fight. You will not survive if your whole build is centered around single-target damage.

It is worth noting that the Lilith boss fight is split between two phases. In the first phase, you will be fighting Lilith, the Creator of Sanctuary. That epithet will change in the second phase where you will have to beat the Daughter of Hatred.

Phase 1 – Lilith, Creator of Sanctuary

Keep a watchful eye on the ground at all times during the fight. If you see a series of parallel cracks appear, Lilith is about to do a Ground Tear attack where a wall of flame erupts from each crack.

Quickly move between the cracks to stay safe, all the while attacking Lilith with any ranged skill or attack. If you are a melee character in Diablo 4, you can move closer to Lilith by anticipating when the next cracks are going to appear.

The next attack you need to watch out for is her Wing Combo. Lilith will use her large wings to take a swipe at you, followed by a wave of rocks (spikes) that move toward you from her location in a straight line.

The wing attack might be difficult to dodge if you are in her melee range. The moment you see the Creator of Sanctuary flexing her wings, dodge or dash as far as possible and then move to the side of the incoming ripple of spikes.

When her health bar drops close to the second marker, Lilith is going to prep for a Minion Summon in her Diablo 4 boss fight. She will jump into the middle of the arena before hovering in mid-air to summon several minions.

Do note that Lilith will continue using her other aforementioned attacks, so you need to quickly take care of her minions before turning your attention back to her.

This is the reason why you are advised to face Lilith with a good AOE build to get rid of her summoned minions in a quick time.

When you have done enough damage to reach her third health marker, Lilith will do another Minion Summon as well as a Demonic Jump attack where she slams down on you in D4.

This is an easy attack to dodge. As soon as you see the highlighted (red) area on the ground, move to the side.

She will continue to cycle through these attacks until her health bar reaches zero. When that happens, do not start celebrating, not yet.

She will emerge from the center of the arena as the Daughter of Hatred, which starts the second phase of the Diablo 4 Lilith boss fight.

Phase 2 – Lilith, Daughter of Hatred

The good thing is that Lilith will not summon any minions during her daughter-of-hatred phase in Diablo 4. The bad news is that she will use some new skills to make the fight extra challenging.

For starters, keep away from the pools of red matter. Lilith is going to keep making them at random spots throughout the fight. Walking into one is going to greatly reduce your mobility.

As for her attacks, Lilith is going to keep attacking you with her wings and tail. There is a combo attack here that you need to avoid at all costs where she swipes you with both wings before stabbing you with her tail.

This attack is going to drain almost all of your health pool, so try as hard as possible to dodge backward and maintain distance.

Another attack that you need to absolutely avoid is where an area of the arena erupts in flames. Make sure to get away from Lilith when she is channeling this attack because getting caught in the flames is going to prove devastating for your Diablo 4 character.

A tip here is to anticipate where she is going to fly off next. Dash over there first and land a few hits before retreating.

Once you reach her first health marker, Lilith will continue with the same attacks except that she will now isolate a part of the arena with a barrier.

Make sure to stay on the other side of the barrier because the barrier part of the arena is going to crumble. If you are standing on it when the ground caves, you will die.

Once the ground crumbles, Lilith will do a slam attack in the center of the arena. Unlike her previous slam attacks, this is a bit tough to avoid because she is going to slow you down using a vortex skill. You will have only a few seconds to get out of her highlighted radius.

For the remaining health markers, Lilith will continue to destroy portions of the arena, reducing the available ground for you to fight on in Diablo 4.

Be patient and move around, all the while landing hits when possible. When Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, finally falls, you have beaten the main campaign of D4 and it is time to check out the loot.

Lilith rewards and loot

Defeating Lilith, the final Diablo 4 boss, is going to reward you with Mother’s Embrace, a powerful unique ring for you to wear.

Do note that unique items do not start dropping from enemies until you are playing World Tier 3 or higher. Mother’s Embrace, however, is a guaranteed drop in World Tier 1 and 2.

Mother’s Embrace refunds some of your resources if a core skill hits five or more enemies at once. It is an excellent Necromancer unique item, especially if you are making a Blood Surge Solo Necromancer build in Diablo 4.

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