Diablo 4 Vhenard Boss Guide 

Vhenard is a peculiar boss you'll find in the Diablo 4. She can't be directly attacked and you'll need to defeat minions to damage her.

Vhenard is one of the story bosses in Diablo 4 that you will encounter during the initial stretch of Act I. This boss fight takes place in the Fractured Peaks region during “The Cost of Knowledge” quest. 

You will be following Nyrelle who’s searching for her mother. Lore-wise, Vhenard is her mother who was tempted and corrupted by Lilith.

When you meet her, Vhenard will end up attacking you and cover herself with a force shield. She will then proceed to summon mobs to attack you in different waves.

While she’s not the hardest boss to take down, doing so is a little different than with others. As such, we will guide you today on how you can defeat Vhenard in the game.

Where to find Vhenard in Diablo 4

To find Vhenard, you must start the “Cost of Knowledge” quest. It is the eighth quest assigned to you in Act I called A Cold and Iron Faith. You need to be at least level 5 to initiate this quest.  

This quest picks up the story right after the “Storming the Gate” quest. At the end of this quest, you will find yourself deep inside a dungeon. Make your way further down the hall in that dungeon. You will find Vhenard right after you pass the healing well with a severed corpse beside it.  


Her location can be easily found by searching in the encircled area on the map. After your encounter will Vhenard, a cutscene will be triggered and the boss fight will begin. 

How to defeat Vhenard in Diablo 4

This boss fight can be a bit tedious for a lot of players since you have to fight multiple waves of minions known as Hell’s Spawns. You can’t attack Vhenard and she will be protected by a forcefield.

The only way to damage her is to destroy the mobs she summons. The number of Hell’s Spawns summoned increases after every boss phase which can be a problem.

She will also launch projectile attacks at you. You need to be quick on your feet and dodge out of the way to avoid getting hit.  

Depending on your class and build, you will need attacks that do a lot of damage in a wide area. These will catch the summons in their effective radius and you can damage multiple minions.

This means you’ll be rid of them sooner. Vhenard will take massive damage with each wave you defeat, so keep at it and she’ll go down.

Vhenard rewards and loot 

On beating this boss, the Cost of Knowledge quest will be completed. After completing this quest, you will receive a rare weapon called “Mother’s Knife”. You will also receive 1050 Gold and 11,500 XP points.  

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