How To Defeat Rashta Reborn In Diablo 4

Each Stronghold has its big boss, which must be defeated. Rashta Reborn in Diablo 4 is an evil boss that lies within the Stronghold of ...

Each Stronghold in Diablo 4 has its big boss, which must be defeated. Rashta Reborn in Diablo 4 is an evil boss within the Alcarnus Stronghold. If you want to get stronger and earn more skills, rewards, and XP, then you must head to Strongholds in Diablo 4.

Strongholds are the areas in the open world of Diablo 4 that are infested by evils and are held by strong bosses. When you pass through these sanctuary areas, you will find out their unique storyline and many puzzles, bosses, and fights that you must clear out with your group and make this area accessible for everyone.

Where to find Rashta Reborn in Diablo 4

Rashta Reborn is the final boss of Alcarnus Stronghold. This Stronghold can be located in the central dunes of the Kehjistan region, which is situated southwest of the Seared Basin. This area can be accessed by fast traveling to the closest waypoint named Tarsarak, which can be found in the areas of Scouring Sand.

Lair of the Witch

As you enter the stronghold area, you will encounter many powerful enemies and corrupted growths of the area known as “Necrotic Masses”. Taking on these masses at that moment will be foolish because you cannot.

Instead, move towards the north and find a place named “Liar of the Witch”. In this Place, you will encounter the final boss, a Necromancer called Rashta. You would want to end her then and there as she will be weak and easily defeated.

But there will be a twist, as she will fly away to save herself from you, leaving you behind in the crowd of Necrotic Masses in Diablo 4.


Defeat Necrotic Masses

After that, you would have to find and destroy three Necrotic Masses. Some Swelling Elites and a bunch of zombies will also be along with them. If you hit one Necrotic mass, all of them will attack you immediately.

You can eradicate them by using crowd control abilities and Area of Effect attacks one by one on each Mass. A clone of Rashta may also appear after attacking one, which you can take on later after destroying Elites.

How to defeat Rashta Reborn in Diablo 4

Return to Liar of the Witch after defeating all enemies to face the Final Boss, Rashta Reborn. She has now used corrupted necromancy to upgrade her powers and has transformed into a more potent form called Rashta Reborn.

She will also have some new devastating tricks and attacks that annihilate you in seconds. The key to defeating her is to become as fast and mobile as possible. Her attacks and their counters are as follows.

Attack #1: Deadly projectiles attack that surrounds her and falls on players.

Counter: You can get away from the drop zones of the projectiles to save yourself from this Rashta attack in Diablo 4.

Attack #2: Star pattern souls attack that Rashta will use periodically.

Counter: To avoid this, you need to stand between waves.

Attack #3: In this attack, Rashta in Diablo 4 will burst while absorbing the blood and throw projectiles at you.

Counter: Get out of the projectile’s range to dodge this attack.

Between fights, the necromance opponent will become invulnerable by covering herself with blood and releasing several Simularca. You must destroy all of them by using your best crowd clearance and AoE attacks before she becomes vulnerable again.

After that, she will be defeated easily with some precise and accurately used attacks. After defeating Rashta Reborn in Diablo 4, return to the Liar of the Witch.


Like other Strongholds, you will get a ton of XP and gold after defeating Rashta and clearing the Alcarnus Stronghold. Moreover, this fight will reward you with 100 Kehjistan renown points. The good thing is that you can loot the Stronghold at the end of the battle and pick up the legendary items left by the final boss Rashta.

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