Diablo 4 Crusaders’ Monument Stronghold Walkthrough

The Crusaders' Monument in Diablo 4 has you lay holy warriors of a bygone era to rest and be rewarded loot. Here is how to clear it!

 The Crusaders’ Monument Stronghold is another Stronghold in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4. This is an abandoned graveyard of fallen Crusaders. It has been ravaged by thieves and made the spirits in the monument rise and fend for themselves. 

The Crusaders’ Monument is moderately easier to capture because the enemies here are weaker and don’t do much damage. You will receive 100 renown, experience, gold, and valuable items as rewards for clearing this.

Moreover, you will also receive items from the chest and can use an Altar of Lilith too. We have prepared this article which will help you in locating and capturing the Crusader’s Monument in Diablo 4. 

How to find the Crusaders’ Monument Stronghold in Diablo 4 

The Crusaders’ Monument stronghold is located in the Western part of the Hawezar region. It is between the Dismal Hills and the Umir Plateau.

Crusaders’ Monument stronghold map location in Diablo 4

To reach the Crusaders’ Monument, you can take either the waypoint of Umir Plateau or the Dismal Hills. It is advised that you use the Umir Plateau waypoint because the journey is relatively safer.  

From the Umir Plateau waypoint, you can take any road moving North and thus you can easily reach the Crusaders’ Monument.


On your way, you will find three dungeons. These dungeons are Lost Keep, Endless Gate, and Bastian of Faith. 

How to complete Crusaders’ Monument in Hawezar

When you reach the Crusaders’ Monument, you will find it deserted. When you move up to the top, you will find a Ritual Brazier and some undead. You will need to kill all the undead near the Brazier.  

You will find the corpse near the firepit that was once a graverobber. When you turn him over, he has a Crusader’s skull. When you grab it, a spirit, named Sir Trystan, will appear behind you. He will mistake you for a graverobber and start attacking you. 

After defeating him, burn the Crusader’s skull in the Ritual Blazer. When burned, more vengeful spirits will appear with bows and attack you. These don’t have much health and can be killed easily killed. 

Now you will need to find the rest of the Crusader’s skulls and set them ablaze. The skulls will be in the possession of the graverobbers, just like the one from which you got the first skull.  

Sir Morholt Skull 

For the second skull, you will need to go northwest. There will be many undead on the way to the skull. The skull will again be in the possession of a graverobber corpse. The corpse will be guarded by an elite undead soldier and you will need to kill it.

Loot the crusader skull after all the enemies are dead. Vengeful spirits will rise again and attack you like before. Along with these spirits, Sir Morholt’s spirit will also rise and start attacking you so deal with him. Take the skull to the brazier and then burn it.

Dame Maryam Skull 

The next Crusader’s skull can be found North of the brazier. Similar to before, the skull will be with the graverobber corpse, near the tomb. This is the tomb of Dame Maryam.

When you get the skull from the corpse she will rise along with the spirits like before. Killing her spirit will open the dome for you to set the skull ablaze.  

To the left of Dame Maryam’s Tomb, there will be a set of stairs. These stairs will lead to a chest that has some valuable loot as well as the Altar of Lilith next to the chest. 

Sir Thom Skull 

The last skull belongs to Sir Thom. You will need to move towards the Northeast of the Blazer. The skull is also guarded by a skeleton elite. Here you can do another trick to save yourself from dealing with all the undead and the spirits.

You will need to nab the Crusader’s skull and then run toward the Brazier while dodging all the enemies and their attacks.

When near the Brazier, only the Cursader’s spirit will come to attack you. This saves you the trouble of having to fight all the undead and the spirits from before. 

The Final Battle 

When all the Crusader’s skulls have been set ablaze, the vengeful spirits will rise. All three Crusader Champions will rise and attack you.

They will start with Sir Thom and then Dame Maryam will come and attack you. Sir Moholt will soon join the fight and attack you while Dame Maryam is around. 

When you have defeated all the spirits, you can move towards the Wanderer’s Shrine and claim the Stronghold for your own in Diablo 4. 

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