Diablo 4 Duriel, Lord Of Pain Boss Guide 

Duriel, Lord of Pain is a recurring boss in Diablo 4 who has appeared in earlier games. He's still difficult to beat. Here's how to do so!

Duriel, Lord of Pain is one of the returning bosses in Diablo 4 that has made an appearance in earlier games. He is a very tough boss, like he was before, and will possibly have you at your wit’s end. You will come across fairly late in the game once you start Act VI. 

Duriel has half the body of an ugly large slug along with two large claws on each side. At the end of the main quest, Duriel will make his appearance followed by a large number of Plague Magots as well. 

You likely will have a tough time beating Duriel, Lord of Pain. As such, we will teach you all you need to know on how to finish off this boss. 

Where to find Duriel, Lord of Pain in Diablo 4 

Duriel map location in Diablo 4

You will find Duriel, Lord of Pain the Act VI of the main questline. For that, you will have to venture toward the southeastern side of the Kehjistan Region until you finally come across this Campaign Quest.  

The name of this particular quest will be The Walls Shake. You will need to clear a lot of enemies along the way. Once you reach the end Duriel will make his appearance.  

As his name suggests, this demon has only one purpose and that is to inflict the worst kind of pain imaginable. You will get your chance to eradicate Duriel as part of the last objective for the main quest in question.


How to defeat Duriel in Diablo 4 

Duriel, Lord of the Pain will resort to using the surrounding environment to his advantage during this boss fight in Diablo 4. One of his moves will involve him burrowing into the ground to evade your attacks and then re-emerging to attack you back.

You can take this time to clear out the Plague Magots and also heal yourself in Diablo 4. 

Secondly, this ugly boss will resort to using ranged attacks by spitting poisonous vomit on you. This can drain your health quickly, so it is best avoided. When Duriel performs this head-on attack on you, you will see his belly opening like a large mouth. That’s your signal to get away. 

This toxic vomit will end up forming pools limiting your movement so try to avoid stepping on them.

Avoid getting too close to Duriel for too long as he can gobble you for a short period, inflict massive damage and spit you out. You can counter this with careful timing, dodging, and then waiting for the right opportunity to strike back at him in Diablo 4. 

He also has retained his Freeze Aura which is a massive problem but this will last mostly for the first few stages of the battle.

So an easy way to defeat Duriel, Lord of Pain is by buying frost-resisting elixirs and using them prior to the fight.

Duriel rewards and loot 

Once you finish off Duriel, this enemy boss will drop heaps of gold along with a legendary item and a random rarity gear item as well. Lastly, you are also awarded an additional skill point and 35,550 XP for defeating Duriel, Lord of Pain as well in Diablo 4. 

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