How To Defeat Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss In Diablo 4

Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss, known for his Dark magic in Diablo 4, can be encountered in the Altar of Ruin Stronghold. Strongholds are the ...

Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss, known for his Dark magic in Diablo 4, can be encountered in the Altar of Ruin Stronghold. Strongholds are the areas located around the World of Sanctuary which are houses to some strong evil powers and a combination of cunning enemies which can take you down in seconds.

There are 15 such Strongholds, and each has a boss. You will get different equipment and great renown as you defeat the boss. Also, some of these Strongholds reveal new dungeons and places, making the game even more enjoyable.

Going unplanned in Diablo 4 never works, as the mysterious evil powers are always ready to tear you up. Surviving a Stronghold without a strategy is impossible. This guide has all the information you need to explore the Altar of Ruin Stronghold to defeat Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss.

Where to find Dark Cardinal Maldul boss In Diablo 4

Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss in Diablo 4 is located in the Kehjistan region in the Altar of Ruin stronghold. You will find this Stronghold as you go east from the Amber Sand in Kehjistan.

However, like other 14 strongholds, level scaling also doesn’t work here. Here all the enemies will be two levels higher than you, so you will face a tough time defeating them, unlike other regions.

Considering the difficulty level of this Stronghold, you should come here once you are at level 48. If you dare to enter it at level 45, all the enemies will be at level 47. You may have difficulty defeating enemies at level 45 in Diablo 4.


How to enter the Altar of Ruins Stronghold

Unlike other Strongholds in Diablo 4, which you can enter by going to their locations, Altar of Ruins require you to do some struggle. To access this Stronghold, you must first collect three Keystones in Diablo 4.

To collect these, as you reach the Altar of Ruins location, you will find an alternate path as the main entrance to the Stronghold is locked. Take this alternate path until you reach the “inner chamber.”

Once you are inside the Chamber, you will see a lot of cultists worshipping the Baal. These cultists are protecting themselves with a shield; thus, knocking them down is not easy.

As you defeat these cultists, you will finally get three Keystones, which you can use to open the door and enter the Altar of Ruins.

How to defeat Dark Cardinal Maldul in Diablo 4

After defeating the Cultists of Workships, use Ritual Chamber Keystones you have received as a reward to open the door to the Stronghold. As you enter the Stronghold, you will see Dark Cardinal Maldul.

However, soldiers often accompany bosses, and similarly, before fighting with Cardinal Maldul, you first have to defeat its subordinates. These enemies will attack you in two phases, made by an Annihilator Shaman, three Unholy, and so many Fallens.

Once you have defeated the subordinates, the next step is to defeat Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss. The fight, however, is never a one-one fight as Dark Cardinal Maldul keeps spawning Fallens for help which is quite frustrating in Diablo 4.

He is known for his deadly magical moves; therefore, as soon as you see him performing a magic circle, quickly move away. Also, maintaining a safe distance is crucial to success in this boss battle, as Dark Maldul attacks are most efficient when performed from close range.

Keep using your long-range attack to kill fallen, and also try to avoid Melee-focused builds as they are hard to practice. When fighting against this class, the best class to use is the Necromancer class.

Apart from Necromancer, the Sorcerer class build works fine, too, as Inferno teleportation can help you escape Dark Maldul’s dangerous attacks in Diablo 4.


Once Dark Cardinal Maldul Boss is defeated, you can rule the Stronghold for humanity by interacting with Wanderer Shrine. Here are all the rewards you will get: