How To Defeat Dianthus In Diablo 4

One of the Strongholds in Diablo 4 is Vyeresz, defended by the boss Dianthus. This guide will help you find and defeat Dianthus in ...

All Strongholds in Diablo 4 come with their end boss that you must defeat if you want to complete the Stronghold. One of the Strongholds in Diablo 4 is Vyeresz, defended by the boss Dianthus. This guide will help you find and defeat Dianthus in Diablo 4.

Where to find Dianthus in Diablo 4

Dianthus is in Vyeresz Stronghold. The Stronghold is located in the Vyeresz in the Hawezar region of Diablo 4’s world. It can be found in southern Hawezar, northwest of Toxic Fen. To find the Stronghold, just teleport to the Vyeresz waypoint and head north to get to the stronghold entrance.

You need to continue going through the Vyeresz Stronghold, and you will face Dianthus at the end.

How to defeat Dianthus in Diablo 4

Dianthus is a snake-like demon Nangari Longclaw-type boss. Since Dianthus is a huge serpent, it will deal with many poison attacks, so be prepared to counter Dianthus’ poison attacks.

As soon as the fight starts, Dianthus uses its most basic attack, the Fang Attack, where Dianthus lunges forward toward the players and attacks with its fangs. This attack stuns the players and will leave you open. You can easily dodge away whenever you see Dianthus winding up its head to avoid the attack.

One of the two AoE attacks that Dianthus uses is the Poison Ripple attack in Diablo IV. Dianthus will create a significant ripple under itself, exploding and spreading outward with Dianthus in the center. The only way to avoid this attack is to run away from the attack.

The attack deals excellent damage and poison damage to all the players caught in the AoE. Second, Dianthus will shoot projectiles that spread outwards and create pools of blood wherever they land. These pools will linger around for a while.

You take a lot of damage when you venture close to these pools of blood. Stay away from them. Easy. Lastly, Dianthus will shoot Fangs around itself in Diablo IV. A single dodge can easily avoid these fangs. These fangs don’t deal any damage, but they do deal some poison damage as well.

During the fight, Dianthus will also spawn its minions to help Dianthus. These minions are useless, but don’t let them gang up on you. These minions will stun-lock you as Dianthus gets the job done.

Dianthus is not a very hard boss in Diablo IV. You can use any attack type you want to kill Dianthus. A few well-placed AoE attacks or fire-based attacks will quickly kill Dianthus. For defeating Dianthus, players get at least 1 Legendary gear, 1-2 Rare Gears, and 1-2 Magic Gear. Other than this, you get the regular rewards of Gold and EXP.

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