Diablo 4 Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold Walkthrough

Omath's Redoubt is the at the western corner of the Kehjistan region in Diablo 4, hosting the High Priestess Hadar necromancer.

If there’s one Stronghold in Diablo 4 that’s filled to the brim with mysteries, it’s the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold. Though a boss fight is a common theme among Strongholds in Diablo 4, what separates this one from the rest is that you get to play detective here, exciting!

Though most consider the adventure brought forward by this Stronghold reward enough, they also get a lot of other rewards after clearing the Stronghold like Skill Points and Renown.

Though there’s usually nothing much in the desert, the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold really packs a worthwhile adventure. When you’re ready to roll, head over to Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold Location to start playing detective.

Where to find the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold in Diablo 4

Omath's Redoubt Stronghold map location in Diablo 4

The Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold is the stronghold farthest south in the Kehjistan Region. The other two strongholds of this region are located in the northern parts.

This area is located between the Fields of Hatred (to its east) and the Southern Expanse (to its west). To get to the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold in Diablo 4, you can fast-travel to the waypoints in any of the two aforementioned places – the Denshar and the Gae Kul, respectively.

From there, it’s only a short trek west or east, depending on your relative location, to reach Omath’s Stronghold. However, note that if you travel directly west from the Fields of Hatred area, you will arrive right outside the entrance of the Stronghold.


How to complete Omath’s Redoubt in Kehjistan

Approaching Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold from the Fields of Hatred, you will find that the entrance to it is inaccessible. Hence, you must find another way in.

To enter the Stronghold, you can use the small ledge that’s not far west of the entry point. There is a small ledge just to the left of the entrance, which you can climb upon to make your way into the Stronghold.

Investigation Phase

Exploring the Stronghold, you will soon find a letter on a skeletal body that you need to inspect. Inspecting the letter will start the first part of the Stronghold clearing – the investigation.

Note that you will also be attacked by Banshees and Vengeful Spirits after investigating the letter, which is a common theme in this part of the quest.

Since you’ve found the letter, three more markers will appear on your map. These will be more points of interest that you must find and investigate to uncover the mystery of Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold.

Just ahead of this area is another Kehjistani corpse, located inside a small room. Interacting with this corpse will bring forth yet another unfortunate encounter. This time, you will be forced to fight an Elite Aeran Firemaw along with the other two monsters.

The third letter/point is towards the south of where you found the second letter, right next to the wall. Interacting with this corpse will not cause an encounter with any of the other mentioned enemies, but will spawn Izett Shivermaw, and Elite that you have to defeat.

Once that’s done and dusted, you must make your way north, climbing up the stairs leading up the wall. What you’re looking for here is a Rusted Sword. It is located inside the small room up ahead.

Inspect the sword and – you guessed it – another fight breaks out. This time, the enemy in front of you would be a Symme Blightcall Elite.

Defeat the enemies that come and the first objective of clearing the Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold will be complete.

After that, you must make your way over to the Celestial Staff, located in the central room, to trigger the boss fight and the final stage of the Stronghold.

Defeat the High Priestess Hadar

Interacting with the Celestial Staff at the center of the Stronghold will cause a flashback to be played. The flashback uncovers the history of Omath’s Redoubt, revealing all of its mysteries.

Right as you exit the flashback, the High Priestess Hadar appears, posing a threat. The High Priestess Hadar is a profound Necromancer with many different magic skills at her disposal.

She can not only call upon undead enemies to help her in the fight but also teleport anywhere within the Stronghold. Apart from that, she also has a range of dangerous attacks that will give you a lot of trouble.

For the legions of undead enemies, we recommend keeping AoE skills, mixed with a little bit of intense, focused skills to use against Hadar herself. You can ignore the undead army for the most part, but when they start to get overwhelming, you can use the AoE skills to get rid of them quickly.

Turning your attention to Hadar, you must always keep a medium distance from her. She can launch magic projectiles that cover a long range. They will be easier to dodge at a larger range, but keeping at that distance will hinder your offense.

Hadar’s projectiles also deal a lot of damage the closer you are to her, meaning that keeping close to her isn’t a wise option as well. Instead, you can keep at a medium distance, but you must always be on your toes to dodge your attacks.

The real problem starts when Hadar starts teleporting around the Stronghold. She can not only teleport herself but can also bring along the whole army with her. Note that she can teleport to any of the previous locations in the Stronghold, but you can find her by following the red spheres.

Each time Hadar teleports, she briefly stops to gather energy for her next big attack. Hence, this would be the perfect time to rush towards her location and attack her as soon as you can, preventing her from gathering the energy.

You must keep following this strategy until Hadar is done for and the Stronghold is cleared.

Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold rewards

Clearing Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold will offer you many different rewards. Apart from gold and a Waypoint to travel to, you can also obtain:

  • 100 Renown Points
  • 1 Skill Point
  • An occasional Legendary Item

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