Diablo 4 Avarice World Boss Location, Spawn Time And Walkthrough

Avarice The Gold Cursed in Diablo 4 is an ugly-looking troll that acts more like a Treasure Goblin. Holding a...

Avarice The Gold Cursed in Diablo 4 is an ugly-looking troll that acts more like a Treasure Goblin. Holding a Gold Chest with a chain and a Mallet, Avarice is arguably the deadliest world boss in Diablo 4. Just like how we have shown you how to find and defeat Ashava and Wandering Death, we will now be dealing with Avarice in D4 and explain how you can take part in this rewarding world boss fight.

Depending on what world tier difficulty you defeat Avarice in, you will have a fair share of exciting rewards waiting for you. On top of that, defeating world bosses like Avarice is also a great way to farm some Scattered Prisms for your socketing needs.

Diablo 4 Avarice spawn time and location

Similar to other world bosses, there is no guarantee when or where Avarice will spawn in Diablo 4. General speculation is that a world boss spawns 6 hours after the previous one has been killed. However, which boss spawns and where can’t be determined beforehand.

About 30 minutes prior to Avarice (or any other world boss) spawning, you will get a notification in the game. Open your map and you should be able to see the boss spawn location out of all 5 possible world boss arenas. Once you go to the place, you will have an idea of which boss is about to spawn.

In the case of Avarice, once you are in the world boss arena, you will see golden lightning in the area. As long as the lightning is there, you know the next boss is going to be Avarice the Gold Cursed. Below we have mentioned all the possible spawn locations for world bosses in Diablo 4, including Avarice

  • Fractured Peaks – The Crucible
  • Scosglen – Caen Adar
  • Dry Steppes – Saraan Caldera
  • Hawezar – Fields of Desecration
  • Kehjistan – Seared Basin

In my experience, Avarice the Gold Cursed has always spawned in The Crucible in D4. Out of the 5+ times I have fought the world boss at different world tiers, it has always been the same place.

Just like other bosses, as you defeat Avarice The Gold Cursed, you get different rewards which may include weapons or equipment. One item, that is of great use is a Scattered Prism. These Prisms can be used to add gem sockets in your gear.

On top of that, during the fight, Avarice will also spawn Treasure Goblins which you can chase and kill in hopes of some good loot. However, before you can think about your rewards, you first actually know how to defeat Avarice in Diablo IV and as we mentioned before, this is probably the toughest world boss in the game.

How to defeat Avarice in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, world boss fights are comparatively easier than in other RPGs as you are not the only one fighting against the boss. The boss fight is a public activity and everyone around can take part thus it’s not that hard when 8-10 people are fighting against it.

Avarice The Gold Crushed world boss has some crucial attacks but most of them give you a warning indication before it happens. Thus you can escape the attack using your movement tactics, thus high speed is very important to survive this boss battle.

Avarice’s Chest Swing

In this attack, Avarice The Gold Cursed world boss uses his chest to deal damage as he spins at 360 degrees and thrusts forward his treasure chest. However, before he does this, he lowers his mace hand and thus you have some seconds to run away.

Avarice’s Mallet Slam

In this attack, the Avarice slams his Mallet to the ground which causes a strong wave to move through the field giving you a huge amount of damage. This attack gets even worse when you have pillars around as they will explode 3 seconds after they are hit by the wave. Therefore, utilize these 3 seconds best to run as far as possible.

Avarice’s Mallet Thrust

Avarice The Gold Cursed winds up and sends a shockwave through the ground which can also cause a huge amount of damage. Keep an eye on the World Boss, and as he winds get away from his way.

Avarice’s Portal Charge

Summoning Portals is Avarice’s ability that makes him unique from other world bosses and also makes the boss fight tougher. Avarice The Gold Cursed can summon portals in the field, and he can then use these whenever he is about to collapse.

Thus, he charges into the Portal when his health bar is about to replenish and then after a few seconds when the Portal respawns at some other position, he charges out of it to hit a player.

Avarice’s Cleave

In this attack, he swings his mallet at 180 degrees and then attacks you. As soon as you see him raising his body, run away as this is an indication that he will launch a mallet attack.

Avarice’s Gold Vomit

This is a weird attack but it’s essentially like poison pools. Throughout the fight Avarice vomits molten gold on the ground. If you stand on this gold, you will automatically get damaged therefore while moving do keep in mind this Gold Vomit.

Avarice’s Pillars

Apart from all the attacks discussed, Avarice The Gold Cursed can summon pillars in the field which restrict our movement and also block the attack that you send his way. Also, these pillars can trigger the Mallet Slam which then can deal players a huge amount of damage.