Diablo 4 Tur Dulra Stronghold Walkthrough  

The Tur Dulra stronghold in Diablo 4 is geared towards druid players. You will free the spirits of druids and cleanse the area from demons.

While exploring and killing demons in Diablo 4, you will encounter the Tur Dulra stronghold. This place was once a center of learning for Druids but now, you will only find suffering lost souls and the ruins of their former college. 

Tur Dulra is also a requisite for a priority quest named Spirits of the Lost Grove. This quest is from the Druid class’s storyline, and you will have to capture the Stronghold to unlock the quest.  

You will find a plethora of enemies in Tur Dulra and as such you will receive a lot of gold upon completing the stronghold that you’ll loot. You’ll also gain access to vendors, a dungeon named Underroot, and a story dungeon named Lair of the Despoiler.

There will also be a waypoint to fast travel to and from. Now we will look into how you can get to Tur Dulra and how to complete it in Diablo 4. 

Where to find the Tur Dulra Stronghold in Diablo 4 

The Tur Dulra Stronghold can be found in the Scosglen region. This is the Northern region of Sanctuary. The stronghold can be found in the deep forest. To get to the stronghold, you can use the Firebreak Manor waypoint and then go northeast.

Tur Dulra stronghold map location in Diablo 4

Alternatively, you can use the Marowen waypoint which is North of the stronghold. You will find that the path on the bridge is blocked by a fallen log as you approach it from the East. You will need to take the alternate way.


For that move back and turn to the right of the bridge. You can find a path and two slides which you’ll take. Then use the rope to move from one ledge to the next and you will be in the stronghold. 

How to complete the Tur Dulra Stronghold in Diablo 4 

Move towards the center of the stronghold after entering where you will find a large tree to the left. Approach it and three spirits will appear in front of the tree.

When you interact with them, a demon named Astaroth will appear and burn them. After that, the stronghold will start and you will need to find the three spirits from before.

Tur Dulra spirit locations in Diablo 4

When you find either one, the other two will come up on the mini-map. Now your objective is to free these spirits.  

Brighde, Tormented Wind Druid 

Brighde’s spirit can be found to the North of the tree from the path you came from, marked in yellow. She will be in the room to the North and will be surrounded by Spawns of the Damned, Sin Eaters, and two Soul Burners. These Soul Burners will hold the spirit down and you will need to kill all of them to be able to interact with her. 

After you have killed all of the monsters present in the room, interact with Brighde. She will be free but her Tormented Wind Druid Spirit will rise from the ground. With it, the Tur Dulra Apprentice and the Tur Dulra Adept will come to life too.  

The Tormented Wind Druid will flash an area around it and then send a shockwave followed by a set of tornadoes. These last a few seconds but they will chase you. You can easily kill it just by spamming the basic attack on the druid.  

Eanan, Tormented Poison Druid 

Eanan can be found to the east of the tree, marked in red. You will need to move down the circular steps and then through the arch. You will be on a bridge and you’ll need to turn right towards the path that leads to a room.

The fight here will be more difficult than before, but you can use area-of-effect attacks to thin out the herd. When all the smaller mobs are defeated, interact with the spirit and the Tormented Poison Druid will come to life with his lackeys too. The Tormented Druid will throw poison in four to five places simultaneously. Avoid this and hit him back.

Odhran, Tormented Earth Druid 

The final spirit is located South of the tree, marked in blue. When you are near the ledge, climb down and you will find a healing shrine. Move on the path and then jump down the second ledge. You will be In the room where the last spirit is. Like before, there will be many enemies to defeat. Here you will find a Shocking Balrog which will be a challenge to defeat because of his large health pool. 

After you have defeated all of the mobs, interact like before with Odhran, and the Tormented Earth Druid will rise. The Tormented Earth Druid will send earthquakes into the ground in front of it. Avoid getting damaged by the Druid by moving to the back where there are no ripples in the ground. 

The apprentices will also rise with the druid so kill them as well. After you have killed all of them, move towards the tree in the center where you first arrived. 

Defeat Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor 

When at the tree, you will find the dark entity and it will transform into the Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor. The fight against him will be difficult and you will have to dodge many attacks.  

Baelgemoth, Infernal Tormentor will attack with a regular swing which will deal normal damage. He will also charge up and deliver a heavy swing which can deal a lot more damage so try to avoid it. He will also breathe fire which will have a lot of range.

During the fight, he will sometimes disappear and then reappear to attack you from a different angle. Lastly, when he is 1/4th his health, he will send shockwaves like the spirit of the wind.  

During the fight, you will also need to deal with the smaller enemies which will continually spawn during the fight. When the beast Baelgemoth is defeated, you will complete the stronghold. Now move towards the Wanderer’s Shrine to complete the stronghold. 

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