Diablo 4 Mohlon, Snake Queen Boss Guide

Mohlon is a poisoned based boss in Diablo 4. She is fought as part of the main quest. You'll need a good strategy to defeat her. Here it is!

Mohlon, Snake Queen is a serpent boss in Diablo 4. She possesses venomous abilities that can poison her foes. She is encountered as you play through the main quest of Diablo 4.

You’ll find her in Act 5 and defeating her is mandatory for the progression of the main story. However, you must be at level 38 or above to enter the Serpent Nest. Today we are going to show you how you can defeat the Mohlon, Snake Queen in Diablo 4.  

Where to find Mohlon, Snake Queen in Diablo 4 

Finding Mohlon can be a bit challenging in Diablo 4. She is found as part of Act 5 where you are in search of the town known as Yngovani (Hawezar). During the search, you have to find the two Serpent’s eyes.  

You will need to find two separate eyes which you must insert into the Serpent Wall. Head over to the Destroyed Serpent Shrine in the Eastern part of the swamp. The other can be found on the Northern side near the bandit.

Once you have acquired both eyes, return to the Serpent Wall to insert them and unlock the Serpent’s Lair. This will lead you to a boss fight with Mohlon, Snake Queen in Diablo 4. 

Another way you can find her is by entering the Mohlon’s Nest. You can unlock this area by taking part in the Cold Blood main quest in Diablo 4.  


How to defeat Mohlon in Diablo 4 

Once you have found Mohlon, Snake Queen in Diablo 4, she will unleash three types of main attacks against you. These are Poison Spit, Tail Lash, and Projectile Poison. They are pretty self-explanatory about what each of them does. Each attack can drop your HP down the ground with a single hit.  

Therefore, the best strategy here is to move out of the way as she performs her attack. The best place to attack her is from the front as it is her weak spot.  

As you manage to take down half of her HP, she summons an NPC named Nagari Longfan and several small snakes in the area. You’ll need to take them out before shifting your focus to Mohlon and defeating her.

Mohlon rewards and loot

After defeating Mohlon, Snake Queen in Diablo 4, you will receive precious randomized loot, a good amount of gold, and XP as a reward.  

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