Diablo 4 Moordaine Lodge Stronghold Walkthrough

Be warned that the Moordaine Lodge stronghold contains a ton of powerful enemies in Diablo 4. You should be at least level 48.

Moordaine Lodge is another stronghold that you can attempt to clear in the Scosglen region of Diablo 4. Doing so will allow the townfolks to return which in turn is going to unlock new merchants and quests for you.

Completing the Moordaine Lodge stronghold in Diablo 4 is also how you gain access to the Twisted Hollow and Ferals’ Den dungeons.

Where to find the Moordaine Lodge Stronghold in Diablo 4

Be warned that the Moordaine Lodge stronghold contains a ton of powerful enemies in Diablo 4. You should be at least level 48 to stand a chance.

When ready, make your way to the northeastern corner of the map. You will find the Moordaine Lodge between the Strand and the Shrouded Moors in the Scosglen region.

Moordaine Lodge Stronghold map location in Diablo 4

How to complete Moordaine Lodge in Scosglen

Now that you have located the Moordaine Lodge, it is time to slay some beasts and make the place liveable for the people of Sanctuary.

Once you reach the entrance of the Lodge, you will find out that the entrance is locked. You will first have to complete the Find the Lodge’s Missing Hunters objective for the stronghold door to unlock.


Find the missing hunters

Moordaine Lodge was once home to some of the great hunters of their times but since the curse landed upon the world, the lodge turned into nothing but a crumbled shack. Your first task is to find the bodies of three hunters; Punctured, Gnawed, and Mauled

Missing Hunters locations in Diablo 4

If you enter the region from the western side then you can follow the path marked on the map. Take your first left and climb the ledge.

From there keep following the path and not take any turns. You will find your first hunter there surrounded by a grizzly bear and a hoard of other enemies.

Once you clear the area of all the enemies and examine the body, you can move on to the next one. The second hunter, Mauled, can be found in the eastern corner of the region.

Just take a right from where you found the first hunter, keep going straight and you will find the body of the second hunter.

From there, take the next right, keep going straight, and take the second right. Stay on the path and you will reach the center of the Moordaine where you initially started the quest. Inside the shack, you will find the body of the third hunter, Gnawed.

After examining the body, the boss fight will be triggered and you will be fighting the Beast of Moordaine.

Defeat the Beast of Moordaine

The final step toward clearing the stronghold is to defeat the boss of the region – Beast of Moordaine. Defeating the boss in combat is a walk in the park but isn’t an uphill battle as well.

As long as you are reasonably leveled and have a decent arsenal of both ranged and close combat attacks, you will manage just fine.

There are three phases of the boss battle:

Phase 1 – Beast of Moordaine
This phase starts off exactly where you find the third hunter and this is where the boss is in its werewolf state. The trick is to use ranged attacks in this phase and try to avoid as many attacks as possible.

Phase 2 – Fionnir, The Mad Druid
When the boss drops down to 70% health, it will run away from the battle zone, all the way to the extreme northwest of the region.

This is where the boss turns into a human and starts launching AOE tornadoes and summoning minions to help him in the battle.

An easy way to survive this phase is trigger disciple. The minions will cause a bit of a problem when you are trying to go all out on the boss so for that time, you need to save your AOE attacks so that they can take care of the minions while you can take care of Fionnir.

Phase 3 – Grizzly Bear
In the final phase of the battle, you will be throwing hands with a grizzly bear. Just be wary of its punches because they can deal a solid amount of damage.

Moordaine Stronghold rewards

Upon successfully clearing the Moordaine Stronghold, you will receive 100 Renown. You will now also have access to the Twisted Hollow and Fearls’ Den Dungeon.

You might find a couple of random loot including Sand-Worn Covers, Gladius, Sturdy Horn, and 140 Gold.

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