Diablo 4 Hope’s Light Stronghold Walkthrough

In the Hope's Light stronghold, you must survive two drowning assaults as you reach a shipwreck in Diablo 4.

Before the war between High Heavens and Burning Hell, Hope’s Light used to be a lighthouse that guided countless ships toward the right path but today there doesn’t exist one. Now it is up to us to bring back the Hope associated with the sacred light and conquer the stronghold.

Before you head straight for it be sure that you are level 48 or above if you want an easier time dealing with the enemies that reside there. If have got that sorted, you can follow the guide where we tell you how you can find and complete Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4.

Where to find the Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4

Hope’s Light Stronghold is located at the extreme north of Sanctuary in Diablo 4. It is right inside the lighthouse on the coast. This whole area is part of the Scosglen region.

Hope's Light stronghold map location in Diablo 4

Since you will be at the coast, you will come across several shipwrecks and other broken pieces of sea equipment.

Although a bridge used to exist that connected the land with the lighthouse since the war, it has been destroyed and you will have to take a detour around the side over shipwrecks and tiny pieces of land.

How to complete Hope’s Light in Scosglen

Hope's Light stronghold map reveal in Diablo 4

Before we get into the details, here is a map that you can follow to reach the boss battle and clear the Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4.


Surviving the drowning assault #1

You will start off at the entrance of the area and since the direct bridge doesn’t exist anymore, you will have to take an alternate route.

Take the first left and then use the ship’s pole to get to the other side of the gap. Go straight and jump over the gap to reach the next island.

Here you will have to keep following the path until you reach a big shipwreck with a winch at the bottom of a mast.

As soon as you interact with the winch to create a pathway to the next piece of land, a 40-second timer will start and you will be swamped with all different kinds of enemies at the same time.

During this time it is best to stay on your feet, move around and use AOE attacks as much as possible while avoiding enemy’s AOE attacks.

Once the 40-second timer is over, enemies will stop spawning and after dealing with the remaining ones, you can continue on your voyage ahead.

Fix the broken mast

After getting to the other side using the ship’s sail, move towards the east, and upon reaching the other side of the bridge, take right toward the island in the southeastern part of the region.

There you find the missing winch. Pick it up and trace your steps back to the previous island and then toward the other shipwreck. Use the winch to fix the broken Mast and then interact with the winch to create another path to the next island.

Survive the drowning assault #2

As soon as you interact with the Winch, another 40-second timer will start and you will start getting swamped with enemies. The second time is going to have a mix of harder enemies so be careful of that.

Apply the same tactic as you did in the previous section and you will survive the timer like no one’s business.

After you are done, use the ship’s sail to get to the other side of the island and clear the enemies, and go up the stairs for the final boss fight.

Defeat Tidewitch Ne’gana

Before you can conquer Hope’s Light Stronghold in Diablo 4, you will have to take out the boss of the region – Tidewitch Ne’gana.

This is not going to be an easy battle so you gotta fill up your health before engaging and have a few elixirs handy to help you in your battle.

Keep AOE attacks and Crowd Control attacks ready to handle her minions that she will spawn to aid her in the battle. She is especially vulnerable around her back.

As soon as you get a chance, run around the back and deal as much damage as possible before she can turn around and start wreaking havoc on you. Keep at it and eventually, she will come down.

Light the fire

Once you have emerged victor in your battle, use the ladder on your left to get to the upper level, and from there get to the top of the lighthouse and burn a fire.

Then finally come down a level and interact with the Wanderer’s Shrine to conclude your business and now the stronghold is all yours.

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