Diablo 4 Tchort, Herald Of Lilith Boss Guide

Tchort, Heralt of Lilith is a boss that will be the biggest obstacle during the Fledgling Scholar quest. Read to learn how to defeat her!

In Diablo 4, when you reach the end of the Fledgling Scholar quest, you will encounter Tchort, Herald of Lilith. The fight with Tchort will be one-on-one thankfully. But she has some maneuvers which will test your mettle.

She is fast, agile, and packs a hard punch. The loot you will receive is worth the effort. Read the article below to find her and defeat her. 

Where to find Tchort, Herald of Lilith in Diablo 4

horadric vault and tchort map location in Diablo 4

As mentioned before, Tchort can be found near the end of the quest Fledgling Scholar. She will be in the Horadric Vault, guarding her master’s book. This book is titled Death Harnessed: Theories of Rathma.  

The Horadric Vault is located in the Gale Valley, Fractured Peaks. The book is the main reason you came here and you will need to defeat her to get it. 

How to defeat Tchort in Diablo 4 

She will be at the other end of the vault as you enter. The book you came for will be in the middle of the Vault and guarded by a thick haze. When you approach her, she will start to hover and attack you. 

Tchort has three types of attacks. She will shoot three orbs at you that fan out. This is the simplest attack and she will do this multiple times. This attack can be easily avoided by moving out of the way from the line of impact.


The next attack has her firing five electric bolts in a line. This is a tricky one to dodge and you will need to look for the orbs arranged as a V around her.

Before she primes her orbs to fire, she will teleport behind you. Luckily, it takes some time for her to execute this attack and you can use this time to dodge. 

This attack also has a massive push which will likely throw you in the mist in the center. The mist will slow you down as well as deal damage to you. 

Finally, she will form a pyramid around her and channel her energy in two areas. She will send her energy to the orb columns around the arena which will make a fire orb until it explodes with an area of effect.

A few times Tchort will send her energy to both the mist in the middle as well as the orb columns. The best way to tackle this is by approaching her and landing as many hits as you can. 

Tchort rewards and loot 

The whole battle against Tchort does not have any smaller monsters so you will only get the rewards from what she drops. When she is defeated, you will receive about 1 to 2 gear items or one magic gear item. 

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