Diablo 4 Temple Of Rot Stronghold Walkthrough

The Temple of Rot is a stronghold in Diablo 4 that has been overtaken by a cannibalistic cult. You need to clear them out.

While its name suggests a reference to the undead, the Temple of Rot is a stronghold in Diablo 4 that has been overtaken by a cannibalistic cult.

Furthermore, the Temple of Rot is home to Molqarth, one of the more difficulty mini-bosses of the game. You need to get rid of them because they are abducting the townfolks for food and worse.

Remember that clearing out this stronghold gives you 100+ Renown in your Dry Steppes challenges.

Where to find the Temple of Rot Stronghold in Diablo 4 

The first thing to know is that the Temple of Rot stronghold has a level 46 requirement in Diablo 4. Once you are ready, make your way southwest of the Dry Steppes region.

The Temple of Rot is next to the northern Fields of Hatred, or north of the Untamed Scarps.

Temple of Rot Stronghold map location in Diablo 4

To reach the location, you can head over to the Pallid Glade. Furthermore, make your way to the southern part of the map to enter the Accursed Wastes (Dry Steppes). Since this area is surrounded by the Sub-region of Qara-Yisu, you may want to head to the western side and enter the Untamed Scarps.  

At the western side of the Untamed Scarps, you will find the Temple of Rot at its edge. You can enter from any of the three entrances at your convenience. However, we would recommend entering through the southwestern entrance as it will prevent you from being discovered.

How to complete the Temple of Rot in Dry Steppes

There are a few objectives that you need to clear before facing Molqarth at the end of the Temple of Rot in Diablo 4.

Slay the Cannibal Champions

As you may your way to the Temple of Rot Courtyard, you will find different Elite species of Cannibals. These Elite cannibals include the likes of:

  • Bostar the Breaker: Found in the eastern-central part of the Stronghold.
  • Corpse Spawn, Child of the Devourer: Found in the western-central part of the Stronghold.
  • Razorface, the Carrion Zealot: Found in the northern-central part of the Stronghold.
  • Arden, the Ravenous: Found in the southern part of the Stronghold.

The best way to slay each Cannibal Champion is by dealing with them one at a time. Once you have defeated them individually, you will soon be exposed to the sound of Molqarth.

Locate Molqarth’s Lair

After defeating the Cannibal Champions, you must take part in another objective which is to locate Molqarth the Hungerer himself. However, locating the boss is not an easy task since you will have to make your way through a wave of cannibals to reach the Hungerer.

Start off by moving right from where you defeated the Zealot Elite Cannibal to enter the Temple Grounds to take part in an optional side quest called “Bound Prisoners”. Defeat all the Cannibals in the area and free the Prisoners to get rewarded with multiple loot and potions.

Once you have completed the side quest, make your way to the   Devourer’s Chamber and defeat all the mini-bosses that prevent you from reaching the Molqrath.

These mini-bosses include the likes of Bonecrusher, Blooddrinker and Fleshtearer. As you defeat the trio of mini-bosses, make your way to the other section of the Chamber to find Molqrath at the Temple of Rot: Underbelly. 

Slay Molqrath

After locating Molqrath, the Hungerer, your next objective in the Temple of Rot is to slay him. He uses two main attacks during this fight: Morningstar Smash and Shockwaves. Both these attacks deal tremendous damage.

However, since Molqrath is a large Cannibal, he will lack speed as a result will not be able to attack you if you are far a distance from him. Continue attacking him from a distance and slowly decrease his health till you defeat Molqrath the Hungerer.

Slay the Spawn of Molqrath

What makes Molqrath one of the most difficult bosses to defeat is that he respawns after getting defeated and comes with a new form. This new form provides the boss with additional stamina, high speed, and more damage-dealing attacks.

Molqrath will be using three types of attacks during this fight: Claw Scythes, Spread Pestilence, and Scythe Leap. Each of the three attacks sees you lose a good chunk of your health.

You can simply move to the opposite side where the boss performs his attacks to dodge the move and perform your own counterattacks to defeat it.

Rekindle the Wanderer’s Shrine to conquer the Temple of Rot

After defeating both forms of Molqrath, you must make your way through the Deverours’s Chamber and head into the Courtyard where you will find the Wandere’s Shrine.

Interact with the shrine to complete the Temple of Rot Stronghold and receive 100+  Dry Steppes Renown as a reward for conquering the Stronghold.

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