Diablo 4 Elias Boss Guide

Elias is the pale man in Diablo 4 who has been helping Lilith and is responsible for much suffering. Here is how to bring him down!

Much of Diablo 4 revolves around trying to thwart Lilith and her efforts to corrupt Sanctuary. The Daughter of Hatred is assisted by her minions and a mysterious pale-looking man. This man is known as Elias, a fallen Horadrim, in Diablo 4.

Elias is responsible for a lot of the suffering you see around in the game. He also shows up as a boss during the main quest line and is challenging to take down. He appears twice during the story so you’ll have an opportunity to make him pay for his crimes.

As such, we will tell you all you need to know about finding and defeating Elias in the game.

Where to find Elias in Diablo 4

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Elias shows up twice during the Diablo 4 main questline. He makes his first appearance during Piercing the Veil in Act 3. You will go to the Temple of Lilith and will find him inside. He will be inside the aptly named Elias’ Chamber in the Exalted Terrace area. You can check his location on the map above.

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The second and final encounter with Elias occurs inside the Foul Undercrypts during the quest On the Precipice in Act 5. This can be found in the Ruins of Rakhat Keep in the Hawezar area. The precise location is marked on the map above.

How to defeat Elias in Diablo 4

You will face Elias on two separate occasions while progressing through the main storyline of Diablo 4.


Your first encounter will be during the Piercing the Veil quest of Act 3 where Elias shows up as the Master of the Triune.

You will then have to fight him for the second and last time in Act 5 as the Fallen Horadrim. This will be during the On the Precipice quest.

Act 3 encounter

Elias has a few attacks he uses during his fight in Act 3. He releases homing projectiles that chase you around the area. He also raises his arms in the air and releases balls of blood that will hit you and explode.

Additionally, he summons pools that release minions that will gang up on you. He will also summon a powerful demon named the Champion of Lilith to aid him in battle.

He shows up multiple times inside the Temple of Lilith and gets stronger time. During the first phase, he only uses homing attacks and goes down easily.

In the second phase, he summons the Champion and also uses the balls of blood. In the third phase, he uses the pools to summon mobs to help him out. He will be invulnerable until they are defeated so use high-damage AOE to deal with them.

In the last and fourth phase, he is the most beefed up but has the same attacks. His attacks can be avoided by carefully timing your dodges but the real headaches are the Champion and the mobs.

Take them out quickly using AOE attacks and then target Elias. He will escape after the final phase and you won’t encounter him until Act 5.

Act 5 encounter

You will have burnt the Mummified Finger of Elias by now which means he is no longer immortal. This means you can now kill him for good.

This time around he swaps the Champion of Lilith for a shockwave AOE attack. These shockwaves move around in a fan motion which allows you a window to dodge them.

The rest of the attacks are the same as last time which you know how to deal with. A character named Taissa will also lend a hand that evens the odds. All you need to do is repeat the strategy you used in Act 3 and he will go down, for good this time.

Elias rewards and loot

Both encounters have a chance to drop 1 Legendary tier and Rare tier items. These spawn randomly but there’s a big chance you can get some awesome drops. They will also give you substantial amounts of gold and XP making both fights worth it.

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