Diablo 4 Astaroth Boss Guide

Astaroth is an intimidating looking boss in Diablo 4 with charge attacks and minions. You need a strategy to take him down. Here's how!

Astaroth is one of the story bosses you will encounter during the Act 2 of Diablo 4. The boss comes into existence after Lilith revives it for a purpose. This is an intimidating boss that will have you do a double-take when you see it. 

Astaroth rides a three-headed Hellhound and has several attacks that it will unleash on you. Taking him on can be quite the task and as such we’ll help you deal with him.

Before getting into the depth of the boss attacks, it is vital to know the pinpoint location of Astaroth in Diablo 4. 

Who’s Astaroth in Diablo 4?

Resembling Satan himself, Astaroth is a fierce Demon held responsible to hold a barrier of hellfire that engulfs the Cathedral of Hatred.

Due to this special task, i.e. his ability to handle hellfire as he sees fit, he is known as The Cathedral Duke. Though Astaroth serves as Mephisto’s lieutenant and does most of his bidding, enjoying torturing humans is his nature, and he would do it nonetheless.

His story starts back in the old days when he wreaked havoc over Scolsgen, terrorizing its people. He had even laid waste to the Druid College of Tur Dulra, which now serves as one of the Strongholds in D4 that players can complete.


Legend said that Astaroth was defeated by a handful of heroes hailing from Glenfolk and Horadrim.  Among these brave folk was Horadrim Donan and two Druids called Aridah and Nafain. It was believed that Astaroth was gone for good, but that is not what you come to learn as you enter Act 2.

Apparently, the Druids and Donan hadn’t slain Astaroth at all, since he couldn’t be slain in the Sanctuary. Instead, these smart folk trapped Astaroth inside a Soulstone, compressing his powers. They then buried the Soulstone and created a fort on top of it, defended by wards.

At the time of Diablo 4’s Act 2, Astaroth’s story progresses further from this point. Lilith, the daughter of Astaroth, is the main part of the story from here on. She seeks the help of Astaroth in providing her a safe passage to Hell, but that came at the price of freeing Astaroth from the Soulstone.

Lilith, clever as she is, finds the Soulstone with ease and implants it into the body of Donan’s Son, Yorin. The fact that this was Donan’s son was even more pleasing for Astaroth as you might have guessed, since he was ‘hell’-bent on revenge.

It is now up to the Wanderer to put an end to Astaroth’s treacherous ways once and for all.

Where to find Astaroth in Diablo 4 

You will go against Astaroth the Demon boss, while attempting the Worlds Burns quest in Diablo 4. This quest is part of the main quests, and you will explore the Scosglen area. You’ll be searching for the soul stone that contains the soul of Astaroth.  

Astaroth map location in Diablo 4

Make your way toward the Cerrigar area on the Emerald Chase’s Southeast side. You can reach this site by moving North from the Firebreak Manor or South from the Strand area. 

Once you enter the site, Astaroth will attack you. Here is where your strategy comes into play which will help you defeat the boss in Diablo 4. 

How to defeat Astaroth in Diablo 4 

You must know all the moves Astaroth does in order to counter them. The boss rides the gigantic creature, so he will use it to rush you and headbutt you with it. This can be dodged by careful timing but the window to do so is small. Try to stay quick on your feet, get out of the way and then attack Astaroth as it moves past you. 

The boss also utilizes the Hellhound to breathe fire toward your location in an arc. You can easily dodge this as the game will give you a bit of warning. Once you see that coming, step away from your position and attack the boss as soon as the fire disappears. 

Astaroth can also call down several meteors from the sky, and the move is indicated by the boss spinning his scythe. You need to step aside from the red circles on the ground to get to a safe spot. The best thing to do is to get close to Astaroth and attack him when he does this. 

Lastly, Astaroth can summon some minions that can overwhelm you and bring you down. Use your strongest AOE attacks on them to cull their numbers quickly and then get back to the boss.

Rise and repeat until his health bar goes all the way down to zero and he will be defeated.

Astaroth rewards and loot 

You are going to receive gold and some gear items after taking down Astaroth in Diablo 4. Apart from these rewards, you also complete the quest and Act 2 with the conclusion of this fight. 

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