Diablo 4 Negala, Lilith’s Chosen Boss Guide

Negala is a challenging boss in Diablo 4 that appears at the end of Nostrava Stronghold. She has plenty of backup. Here's how to kill her!

Negala, Lilith’s Chosen is a powerful demon in Diablo 4 who portrays herself as a human. She takes the guise of a priestess in Nostrava. She has manipulated the people of Nostrava to follow the demonic teachings of Lilith.  

Negala is the boss of the Nostrava stronghold. When you approach the location, you’ll be sent to the chapel. This is where you’ll find her at the altar, approaching which, she will reveal herself and release the townspeople on you.

She is a challenging enemy and will have plenty of help. As such, to help you, we will be showing you how you can defeat Negala, Lilith’s Chosen in Diablo 4. 

Where to find Negala, Lilith’s Chosen in Diablo 4 

You will find Negala, Lilith’s Chosen when taking on and clearing the Nostrava Stronghold in Diablo 4. Simply head to the northern side of the Nevesk Waypoint to reach the Stronghold.

This will be at the Eastern part of Pallid Glade. However, to complete the Nostrava Stronghold, you must be at Level 25+.  

Negala map location in Diablo 4

After reaching all the requirements, complete the Stronghold to the point where you must destroy the Demonic Effigies found inside the villager’s house. After dealing with them, make your way to the front of the church to fight Negala, Lilith’s Chosen. 


How to defeat Negala, Lilith’s Chosen in Diablo 4 

As you start the Negala, Lilith’s Chosen boss fight in Diablo 4, you will soon get introduced to two more enemies that Negala summons by her side: Kozira and Torvala. Each of the three enemies is at level 20+.  

Initially, each enemy will bombard you with constant projectile shots. Although you can dodge these projectiles they are known to trace your location to cause lethal damage. Apart from that, they will use shockwaves and AOE attacks to drop your health.  

The worst part about this fight is that it gets harder and harder as the fight progresses. Therefore, dodging is your best friend. Instead of facing them one at a time, make sure to take them on all together. Start with the summons first and then move on to Negala. 

The reason is that if you damage Kozira for a period of time and then shift your focus to Torvala, Kozira will have enough time to regenerate. Therefore, it is recommended to equally damage the two summons together before killing Negala at the end. Once all three enemies are dead, the boss will be defeated.

Negala, Lilith’s Chosen rewards and loot in Diablo 4

After defeating Negala, Lilith’s Chosen in Diablo 4, you will receive a good amount of Gold for your efforts. You will also get a few Rare and Magic tier items as a reward which will be randomized. 

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