How To Defeat High Priestess Hadar In Diablo 4

The Sanctuary in Diablo 4 contains 15 Strongholds, which are nothing but areas teeming with different kinds of enemies and...

The Sanctuary in Diablo 4 contains 15 Strongholds, which are nothing but areas teeming with different kinds of enemies and a lot of loot. High Priestess Hadar is one of the Stronghold bosses in Diablo 4 that resides in Omath’s Redoubt. She is a mage/necromancer-type boss that possesses potent spell-casting skills and summons the undead servants to defeat her enemies.

Embarking on a journey for defeating this daunting boss without proper strategy and fighting techniques can never be a good idea. This guide will help you understand the attack pattern, powers, and weaknesses of High Priestess Hadar to help you gain a certain victory and control over the stronghold.

Where to find High Priestess Hadar in Diablo 4

High Priestess Hadar calls Omath’s Redoubt her home, which is one of the 3 Strongholds of the Kehjistan Region, the other two being the Alcarnus and Altar of Ruin. This Stronghold is situated on the southern side of the map, near Southern Expanse.

How to Clear Omath’s Redoubt Stronghold

As soon as you reach the Stronghold, the first thing you see is that the main entry point is blocked by some obstruction. However, it is possible to climb a ledge toward the left you gain access inside.

Our objective in this area is to gain control of the Stronghold, by investigating its every corner. Your map will be showing 4 different locations where four objects are placed and need to be interacted with.

When you reach one of the markers/ pointers, a lot of enemies will greet you with their minor but annoying attacks. Make sure to have skills that affect a large area with just one hit so that the fight doesn’t take more time than it should. These skills may include Crowd Control as well as AoE (Area of Effect) attacks.

After interacting with all the objects at map markers and clearing out the enemies present there, you need to head to the middle part of the Stronghold to have a chat with the Ceremonial Staff.

With that being done, the soul of High Priestess Hadar appears in the scene. Don’t let your guard down by her holy name and treat her as a regular notorious Stronghold Boss.

How to Defeat High Priestess Hadar in Diablo 4

This boss can do teleportation, which makes her extremely agile and hard to attack. On top of that, she takes her whole army with that teleportation technique, making some of your attacks go to waste.

Additionally, whenever, the Priestess teleports to a different spot, she tends to launch a deadly attack. She digs her long magical stick into the ground, making several red rings on the floor. Avoiding this attack is possible simply by moving out of its range (left or right). If you fail to do so, this can be a one-hit kill where you die miserably without having the taste of that sweet victory.

High Priestess Hadar is a skilled Necromancer, who can summon a whole army of the dead to her bidding at her will. She is capable of slinging long-range spells that can deal heavy damage so you can’t really escape by being far away from her.

By following the tips and techniques stated above, defeating this seemingly frightening boss will be a breeze for you.

High Priestess Hadar Rewards

The first thing you will get after beating High Priestess Hadar is 100 Renown for Kehjistan Region. You will also get a bunch of gear items and an (expected) legendary item. Moreover, a decent amount of gold and XP will be rewarded to you for all your hard work

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