Diablo 4 Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold Walkthrough

In Diablo 4, Eriman's Pyre is a strategically located stronghold that is difficult, but has good rewards. Here is how to clear it!

Eriman’s Pyre is a strategically located but difficult-to-capture stronghold in Diablo 4. Its location is important since it is located next to empty swaths of land on either side. Thus, providing an excellent vantage point for fast traveling and exploration.

Capturing this stronghold will reward you with gold, 100 Fractured Peaks renown, experience from killing enemies, and much more. You will also get a safe point where you can trade and rest.

You will also find the level 38 dungeon named Oblivion in the northwestern part of the stronghold once you acquire it. The stronghold will be difficult and tricky to capture and we have formulated this article to help you in capturing the Eriman Pyre stronghold in Diablo 4. 

Where to find the Eriman’s Pyre Stronghold in Diablo 4 

The Eriman’s Pyre is located in the Hawezar region, East of the Cinder Wastes. It is between the Writhing Mire and the Dismal Foothills.

Eriman’s Pyre map location in Diablo 4

To get to Eriman’s Pyre, you can either use the Tree of Whispers waypoint or reach through Tszava’s Slough. Tszava’s Slough is indicated in orange and it is the last area in Writhing Mire.

From Tszava’s Slough, you can move West and take the first right. Follow the right wall until you see a narrow path moving North. This narrow path will lead you to Eriman’s Pyre.


Now to start the fight in the Eriman’s Pyre stronghold, it is recommended to have at least level 40 or above. When you reach the Eriman’s Pyre, you will find that the village is in flames and there will be a statue in the middle of the village. This is where Eriman was burnt. 

How to complete Eriman’s Pyre in Hawezar

The Eriman’s Pyre stronghold consists of four corners and all of these are blocked by impassable firewalls. To start the fight, you will need to interact with the central statue which will be burning.

This is Eriman’s statue and he will talk to you. After that, some Fallen and Fiery Fallen Overseer elite will rise from the ground and attack you.

In this fight and the later ones, try to keep dash along with area of effect (AoE) attacks in your arsenal. 

After defeating the Fallen, you will find a Villagers’ Remains. These remains can be used to extinguish the Fiery Focuses.

First Path 

To make it simple we will be starting from the Northwestern fiery focus and then moving clockwise. After you have put out the first Fiery Focus, the path behind it will be opened.

Enter it and you will find some stairs. On the second set of stairs to the right, you will find some weak enemies which you can kill for extra gold.  

On the top, you will find a courtyard filled with enemies. You will find the elite enemy whose position is indicated on the map with a skull. He will be in the Northernmost part of the courtyard and the ruins. The area where he is small, so it is advised to thin the herd before coming for him.  

After the elite enemy is defeated, you can collect the Villagers’ Remains and walk back toward Eriman. You can go through the broken doorway where you can find a wall.

Break through and to your left, there will be the Altar of Lilith. You will also find a chest before you enter the ruins to the left.  

After this when you return to the statue in the middle. Eriman will be shooting flaming rocks at you which have an area of effect to them but they can be easily dodged.  

Second Path 

Now move towards the Fiery focus for the Northeastern path and put it out. Inside you will find a ladder which you need to use to move down.

Here, small enemies with glowing heads will race toward you and explode near you. But you can get out of their radius of explosion easily.  

Here the elite enemy will also be supported by all the smaller enemies next to him. Near this enemy, you will find tons of Fallen enemies like before.

You can defeat all of the enemies for extra gold and experience. After collecting the Villagers’ Remains move back to the central village square. 

Third Path 

Now select the Eastern Fiery Focus and use the Villagers’ Remains on it. Move on and you will find a bunch of enemies with glowing heads. These will explode but they will indicate with an area around them just like before.  

You will also find many Fallens as well as the Kul’gi Gorethief (the elite enemy). He will be enchanted as he fights. You don’t need to defeat all of them.

Focus on the elite enemy, after which you can return to Eriman. Here you will be swarmed from all sides by smaller and larger enemies. So have dash prepared for all these fights. 

Fourth Path 

Finally, extinguish the last Fiery Focus to the Southwest and enter it. when you enter here, you will find that this fight will be on the smallest area and thus you can be overwhelmed easily.  

To avoid this you can find a slit in the northern part of the arena and you can use this away from all the enemies and have a breath of relief from the enemies.

After you have acquired the last Villagers’ Remains, head on towards the cross in the village square and use the remains on it. this will extinguish it and a boss will come out from the base of the statue. 

Defeat Duz’Auger

This is Duz’Agur, Eriman’s Bane. He will start attacking you as soon as he comes out of the statue. Duz’Auger will lay down a pool of blood but this is in a straight line and can easily be avoided.

Other than that, he also throws fireballs in all directions and they can be lethal at close range. He will also shoot fireballs from the statue. After that, he takes a brief rest before continuing which can be easily exploited.  

After he is defeated, Eriman will rise and deliver a speech to the villagers. You can then move toward the Wanderer’s Shrine in the Northwest path.

Interact with it to finish the fight and acquire the stronghold. After interacting, the monsters will stop spawning and you can collect the reward from the region’s progress. 

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